ApartmenTime.com, works with officials to locate available housing for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

From: Apartmentime.com
Published: Thu Sep 01 2005

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 31, 2005)— With hundreds of thousands left homeless, ApartmenTime.com, a nation-wide apartment listing service is working in conjunction with Louisana officials to compile a list of clean, safe, available and affordable housing in the areas surrounding those most affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Residents of the Gulf Coast states most severely affected by Hurricane Katrina and their relatives anywhere in the U.S. are being asked to search online at Apartmentime.com for an up to date list of residential communities that may have available apartments for rent.

ApartmenTime.com is actively contacting Real Estate Investment Firms and Property Management firms in an attempt to put together a list that can serve those in need of this life saving information.

"This ongoing tragedy will affect countless thousands of people. One thing that they’ll all need is a location where they can go and search for available suitable living situations. This is why we at ApartmenTime.com are offering our service to the community as well as the property owners free of charge", explains Darren Rogers, President of ApartmenTime.com

ApartmenTime.com, a Los Angeles-based on line publisher of available apartments, servicing the entire United States, is removing all current listing in the Gulf Coast areas and will only post apartments with available units in the surrounding areas. This is a free service for both the property owner and the potential tenant.

. "Providing this information free of charge via our Web site is one small way in which we can reach out to people who are and will be in dire need of housing."

ApartmenTime.com has been listed in the Louisiana Governor’s Book of Resources as a valuable link to new homes for displaced families.

Because those searching for housing for relatives in the affected areas only source of information is via TV and Radio, we are requesting that both mediums begin informing the public of this free service being offered to help those in need.

The online apartment search is simple to navigate and those searching for apartments can select any geographic area of the United States in their
search for a new temporary or permanent home. "We want this to be an easy process; these people need homes quickly, and ApartmenTime.com is structured to allow them to locate a new affordable home quickly and easily".

The ApartmenTime.com Web site includes information on apartments for rent, military, college, corporate, senior as well as HUD housing, and provides numerous features to help residents set up their new apartment, including information on utilities, cable, telephone hook-up and local services.

Displaced residents can log on to www.apartmentime.com immediately and begin searching for a new dwelling.

For more information on apartment listings available free of charge at ApartmenTime.com, contact:

Darren Rogers

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