i58 Projects Coordinates Thousands of Housing Donors to Aide Hurricane Katrina Refugees

From: i58 Projects
Published: Fri Sep 02 2005

ATLANTIC BEACH, Fla. - i58 Projects, a non-profit relief organization, today announced it has created a way for charitable volunteers to provide temporary housing listings to hurricane victims in Louisiana and Mississippi.

i58 Projects will collect housing donations in the region and is working on a central database to connect homeless families with temporary housing in surrounding states.

Message boards on the Internet are already filled with millions of messages from people who are willing to provide assistance, plane tickets, clothing, food and housing to the suffering refugees in New Orleans and the surrounding areas. i58 Projects is working to organize these volunteers in ways that can be truly helpful to those who are suffering.

"We have seen similar crises in India and Haiti over the years, and our team and infrastructure are uniquely suited to organizing large grass-roots efforts," said Flint McGlaughlin, executive director of i58 Projects. "We specialize in providing direct support, and our organization is 100 percent volunteer-based, so all donations go directly to those in need. This is a critical time in our nation’s history and we are grateful to be able to add a level of organization to the massive grass-roots effort that has started on the Internet already."

Today, i58 Projects is mobilizing its direct response team and is planning a relief effort that will last throughout the next several months. It is in need of housing and monetary donations so that teams can quickly move into effected areas to aid in the rescue and evacuation efforts. Hundreds of families have already offered housing through the i58Projects.org Web site even before the program had officially launched.

Volunteers can donate money or housing through the i58 Projects Web site at: http://www.i58projects.org/katrina.asp

About i58 Projects, Inc.
i58 Projects, Inc., a faith-based non-profit organization headquartered in Altantic Beach, Florida, follows the scripture Isaiah 58:10 by helping to feed, clothe, educate and strengthen the people of the world. i58 Projects works in cooperation with humanitarian organizations in the U.S., India and Haiti to provide direct relief to the suffering people of the world. To learn more about i58 Projects visit the website at: http://www.i58projects.org.

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