Does your child lack confidence or self esteem?

From: Jape Scape Productions
Published: Sat Sep 03 2005

Does your child lack confidence or self-esteem? Did you know that getting involved in a drama program can help?

Learning about drama promotes better self esteem and confidence, speaking skills, stage presence, character building, acting skills, active imaginatio, creative expression, healthy interactions, thinking on your feet and thinking outside the box. Drama can also act as therapy by allowing participants to escape the real world for a while and walk in the shoes of another through role playing and fantasy.

Drama is an alternative/supplement to sports for building a healthy sense of team work or healthy interactions with others. Drama can also be an enriching and rewarding experience for all involved as it offers a healthy balance between work and play. It is important to let your community know that you are invested in the emotional and artistic needs of your children and their parents.

Jape Payette, director of Jape Scape Productions, teaches these basic principles to all ages, including pre-school through adults in the greater Cape Ann and North Shore area. Jape has been teaching for 15 years. Jape Scape Productions has been in business since 2001.

Jape has been an actor for 20 years on stage in the Northshore and Boston area. Jape has also been in Film, commercials, TV, radio; he is an accomplished singer and songwriter and an author of a children's picture book series entitled, "Jape The Grape Ape From Outer Space." Jape is a proud member CABI ( Cape Ann Business Incubator), where he teaches aftere school, vacations, holidays and summer Drama programs. Jape also travels to various communities including Manchester by the Sea, Hamilton/Wenham, Danvers, Beverly, Salem, Ipswich, Rowleyand the list goes on...
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Jape Scape Productions,
Drama for all ages! (Pre-school through Adult)
*Dramatic Play for Pre'schoolers
*"The Making of an author" for k-2, featuring the series, Jape The Grape Ape From Outer Space!
*In school workshops on my Children's book series: "Jape The Grape Ape From Outer Space"
*Holidays and School Vacations (& Summer)-- Drama Star Club
*After school workshops--as a Drama Drop in program in various Communities for k-5th graders
*Direct Middle & High School Productions
* Evening classes through NorthShore Community College and
*Individual Acting coaching sessions available by appointment
Day, Evening & Afterschool Programs available.
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