Alacos Wins Prestigious Linux World Product Excellence Award for Windows® to Linux® Desktop Migratio

From: Alacos
Published: Mon Mar 07 2005

Alacos wins the Linux World Product Excellence Award for Best Integration Solution at Linux World Boston 2005.

"The judges understood that our remote network approach to migrating thousands of computers is the right way to migrate to the Linux desktop," said Luis Aguilar, Alacos’ global migration expert. "Clients prefer the approach for its cost and time savings."

The judges recognized the value in automating the process of migrating documents, email, and user settings from thousands of desktops, which reduces both time and errors when compared to the labor-intense effort required to migrate manually. The software creates a familiar environment for brand new Linux users by maintaining their settings, email, contacts, file structure, browser favorites, and backgrounds. This eliminates a major objection to Linux from the non-technical user and accelerates the worldwide adoption of Linux on the desktop.

Desktop Migration Agent® Network Edition, the award-winning software, simultaneously migrates multiple desktop computers from Windows to Linux using a centralized, programmable server. The software is highly customizable to an organization's specific desktop and network needs.

The Network Edition significantly reduces the cost of migrating documents, settings, and email by reducing by up to 80% the time it takes IT professionals to migrate desktops. The software dramatically reduces the errors IT professionals make when migrating desktops by hand. Combining time savings with error reduction provides a powerful cost incentive to use the Network Server Edition.

The Network Edition automatically migrates email (Outlook®, Outlook Express, and Netscape® to Evolution®), address books, folders, My Documents, IE favorites, IE home page, backgrounds, icons, documents, spreadsheets, photos, music, movies, graphics, databases, and more.

Pre-configure the software to automatically select and migrate the settings and files that need to move. Most importantly the software automatically migrates individual user’s email, email settings, users, and addresses so an organization has no lost productivity after a migration.

Add an optional network install module to the Network Edition in order to install a preconfigured desktop OS to each Linux computer during the migration.

Add an optional Windows to Linux server migration module to migrate key IT infrastructure components to stable, secure Linux.

· Remotely manage desktop migrations
· Integrates with common systems management tools
· Migrates over multiple network types – LAN, WAN, VPN, or wireless
· Option to automatically backup data during migration
· Option to add scheduling modules to migrate at specific times

Migrate from Microsoft® Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP

Migrate to Red Hat® 9, SuSE® 9.1, Novell® Linux Desktop, Fedora® 1/2/3, Mandrakelinux® 9-10, TurboLinux® 10, Sun® JDS 2.0, Xandros®, Linare®, Lycoris®, and Debian®
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