SilentLambs Scam Alert for Jehovah's Witnesses

From: Silent Lambs Charities
Published: Mon Sep 05 2005

Hurricane Katrina Scam Warning:

There are already "news releases" directing Jehovah's Witnesses to donate to a "worldwide work" general fund that has nothing to do with hurricane relief efforts.

This way the organization gets to make money while members think they are donating to help those in actual need. Instead surplus monies are kept to fund 'other projects' unrelated to the reason donations are being sent to begin with.


Please remember to make sure your donation is being used to directly benefit victims of Katrina unless you wish to make an additional donation unrelated to the disaster.

At we make available websites where you can do this directly or access links if you wish to assist our work in assisting abuse survivors,there are arrangements to do that as well.

Latest developments on Jehovah's Witnesses
Date: September 4, 2005

It was announced today at the Public Meeting in the local Kingdom Hall that so far no loss of life has been reported among Witnesses. 23 Kingdom Halls have sustained heavy water damage, 8 are completely submerged, 2 are partially submerged and 1 was completely destroyed.

Company: Silent Lambs Charities
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