Lemaitre Sécurité’s SPORTY® shoes give safety a sporting chance

From: French Technology Press Bureau
Published: Mon Sep 05 2005

Jean Michel HECKEL, CEO of Lemaitre Sécurité, explains: "Just because we want to protect our feet, there is no reason why we cannot have comfortable shoes with a modern and elegant design. Safety shoes no longer need to be hidden away."

As with all the other models of footwear in the SPORTY® range, SPORTY S3 has a slender and well-balanced shape. It offers many advantages, including a very modern and sporty design, so that great looks are guaranteed. Breathability has not been neglected: the foot sits on top of the injected insole and is no longer confined. Safety is ensured thanks to ABG protective toe caps (200 joules, EN 345-1) and puncture-proof inserts (EN 344-1).

The shoe also features a comfort-enhancing fit with anatomic insoles, uniquely coupled with the new SPORTY® anti-slip sole and its Parabolic® curved cross-section (exclusive characteristics that have been patented by Lemaitre Sécurité). The concave structure of this sole gives the wearer excellent grip on all kinds of surfaces. Furthermore, following the compression phase, energy is restored, thus providing a dynamic effect when walking — a spring-like feel that induces greater comfort and reduces foot-fatigue.

Created to meet growing demand, the SPORTY® range has been given a design influenced by the most fashionable ‘sporty’ trend in the market for casual footwear. The SPORTY® range has revolutionised footwear by breaking down the barrier that existed between shoes for the workplace on the one hand, leisurewear on the other.

The SPORTY® range includes a variety of models: low shoes, ankle boots, shoes with GORE-TEX® lining, shoes made of water-repellent leather (as well as nubuck and aerated nubuck), sandals for the summer, ‘trainer’ models, a special range for women, and white-coloured models for the food industry, among many others.
All the models in the SPORTY® range are extremely pleasant to wear; their comfort and their looks will make the wearer forget that they are, also, among the safest footwear for professional use. SPORTY® has been subjected to model and trademark registrations.

About Lemaitre Sécurité

Lemaitre Sécurité is based in North-Eastern France and is a worldwide leader in safety footwear. The company has facilities in several countries, with a total of four polyurethane injection factories.
In France, Lemaitre Sécurité SAS has four DESMA injection carrousels and can manufacture 1,000,000 pairs of shoes per year; in Tunisia, Lemaitre Tunisie has one DESMA injection carrousel and can produce 250,000 pairs per year; finally, in South Africa, the company has two factories — one in Beier, with three DESMA injection carrousels (800,000 pairs per annum), and one in Bagshaw, also with three DESMA injection carrousels (800,000 pairs per annum).

Therefore, Lemaitre Sécurité owns a total of 11 injection carousels for a maximum output of 20,000 pairs of shoes per day. With more than 2,800,000 pairs being produced per year — 1,250,000 pairs in France and Tunisia and 1,600,000 pairs in South Africa — Lemaitre Sécurité is one of the best-selling brands of safety footwear in the world.

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