SKIDEKIDS, Social Network for kids, gaining support from parents

From: Skidekids Network.
Published: Mon Mar 28 2011

Jumping right into 2011 with both feet, Skid-e-Kids Networks ( has emerged as the Facebook and MySpace social networking alternative for kids, ages 6 to 14.

Skid-e-Kids kicked off 2011 with their newly redesigned website, flourishing with added features, like the Movie night, Toys Swap, Skid-e-Tube, and fully operated educational page. The new website is designed similar to Facebook, so kids can have the same experience of Facebook, without actually being on Facebook.

Skid-e-Kids founder, Mickel Godwin, hit upon the idea that most parents, who reluctantly allowed their kids to join Facebook, find themselves locked out of their kid’s profile.

At, we give parents the total control of their children activities; they can instantly click to view their kid’s pages from their own parent’s dashboard.

Unlike any other kid’s network, the Skid-e-Kids social network has introduced a cool new feature called the Movie Night. Here, kids all over the world can vote for their favorite movies, and the movie with the most votes will be shown at a scheduled time on the site.

With initiatives like the Movie night and Toys Swap, Skid-e-Kids is quickly becoming the ultimate safe and fun playground for kids – . Thanks to input from kids and parents, Skid-e-Kids is fun, safe and very stimulating.

Courtesy of the added features, members can also engage in many exciting activities. They can create their own profiles, play games, and post educational questions.

Moreover, Skid-e-Kids recognized that because the site is to be a place where kids could benefit from a social community strengthened by parents and teachers, it must also be a place where parents and teachers would want to spend time.

"We are excited to provide a fun and safe place where kids can learn and interact with each other. We hope that parents all over the world will check out the site and see for themselves," says Mickel Godwin, founder of Skid-e-Kids.

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