Magician Receives Awards for Teaching Magic Tricks to Kids

Published: Tue Sep 06 2005

LIVINGSTON, N.J. – Frank DeMasi is a magician who puts smiles on children’s faces at his live performances, but he is also changing the lives of thousands of kids in a positive way.

DeMasi does not just perform, he also teaches children to perform magic tricks themselves. The benefits are making a difference in the lives of thousands of children.

DeMasi is using magic to teach children through a series of award-winning video lessons on DVD. The kids think they are just having fun, but parents are thrilled to see their kids improving their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Children also learn to improve their public speaking skills, hand eye coordination, and math skills. But the most important thing for the kids is that they are having fun and receiving approval from their family and peers as they perform.

DeMasi, known as MAGICFRANK (tm), has given over 10,000 magic performances in the past 20 years for organizations and groups of all types. He also gives magic lessons to children through personal appearances and in a series of DVDs.

DeMasi’s DVDs have received a number of awards and endorsements, including the Preferred Choice Award and Seal of Excellence Award. They are endorsed by Kids First, and recommended by Parent’s Choice. Consumer Reports selected the video lessons for its "Best Gifts" issue two years in a row. The School Library Journal has recommended the videos to librarians.

"I encourage you to give MAGICFRANK's (tm) series a try and begin enjoying the fun of amusing and amazing your friends for your next gathering," said the Family Review Center.

"MAGICFRANK’s (tm) Lessons in Magic" come in four different DVDs that can be purchased individually or as a set at The magic can be performed with everyday items and a regular deck of cards.

"It’s exciting for kids to perform a trick that is perceived by their audience as truly amazing. For example, using a deck of cards you can learn how to make all the cards turn to the same card, then change them back to a normal deck. You can even place all the cards in a bag and find the persons card," explained DeMasi.

The vanishing tricks are some of the most popular for kids to perform for others. They learn how to make items, such as coins, cookies, and sponges, vanish and reappear. They also learn to make nickels turn into a dime.

Many of the tricks can be performed with everyday objects easily found in the home. Each video provides step by step instructions that are easy for children to follow.

DeMasi not only brings happiness to children through his many live performances, he is actively changing the lives of thousands of children with his award-winning video series.

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