Rising Star is Son of ‘Rising Stars’ Author

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Published: Tue Sep 06 2005

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Dave Dylan is rapidly climbing the entertainment and modeling world ladders to success, thanks to the efforts of his mother Toni Shelton, author of the new book "Rising Star."

Dylan is featured on the cover of the book because he is an example of what young people can accomplish with the right guidance and assistance. At just 19, Dylan has a promising career in front of him and is an example of the rising stars Shelton writes about. He has been in many national advertising campaigns, and he is gaining attention as an actor, model, and rapper.

Dylan is indeed a rising star. He is a recent winner of the Echo Unlimited "American Dream Model Search." He began as a model at the age of 10, and his skills have enabled him to expand into acting and rap music.

Dylan’s music and performance have been compared to LL Cool J, and he has the same effect on women – they drop to the floor. He is following in the footsteps of R. Kelly, Common, and Kanye West, who are all from Chicago. Combine all that with the looks of Li Bow Wow and it is no wonder that Dave Dylan is receiving stacks of fan mail and is being followed by admirers everywhere he goes.

His single "Any Means Neccessary" is featured on the new CD that is also called "Rising Star," the same title as his mother’s book.

Dylan maintains a web site containing photos and information about his career at http://www.DaveDylan.com.

Shelton, herself a successful model and business woman, has been the guiding force in Dylan’s growing career. She recently published "Rising Star" (ISBN 1-4134-6235-9, Xlibris) as the roadmap to stardom for beginning and experienced models, and brings a life-time of experience to those who need a mentor in a tough, highly competitive world.

"Rising Star" is a must for parents who are considering modeling for their children, as well as for young people just getting started in this competitive, but rewarding career. Experienced models will find new ideas, advice, and ways to polish their skills.

"Rising Star" breaks down every aspect of the modeling business and offers readers an overview of the industry, as well as a realistic method to assess the characteristics needed to succeed.

"I teach the essentials, such as building the right relationships with agents, managers, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, and others. Your preparation and attitude are key ingredients to success," explained Shelton.

Shelton is an industry expert and modeling consultant who has worked as a model, photographer, agent, manager, and now assists others to achieve their dreams. All four of her children are working models appearing in national print ads.

"Rising Star" is available through on-line bookstores and directly from http://www.RisingStars-ToniShelton.com.

Toni Shelton

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