Turning a "Beautiful Dream" into a Reality... Cynthianna Appel's "Make the World Smile" Promotion

From: Cynthianna Appel
Published: Mon Mar 07 2005

Multi-published romance novelist, Cynthianna Appel, had this crazy dream... Not quite as crazy as the dreams her heroine Marianne has in her newest romantic-comedy release, Beautiful Dreamer from Triskelion Publishing (http://www.triskelionpublishing.com/prod83.html), but it was crazy nonetheless. Her "Beautiful Dream" went like this:

For every copy of her novel Beautiful Dreamer that sold within the first three months of publication, she would donate $1 to charity. If she sold ten books--that's ten bucks. But if she sold ten-thousand books? A lot of worthy causes will receive that much more aid. Details are available at the author's web site, http://pages.sbcglobal.net/cynthianna

Appel doesn't plan to make any money off this book by giving away $1 per book sold. In fact, she's already in the hole because of advertising and other promotional costs associated with publishing. Appel says, "At the end of the day, I'll still be a poor, struggling writer, but at least I'll be able to MAKE THE WORLD SMILE by giving financially to worthy charities."

How exactly will sales of Appel's third romance "make the world smile"? For every one hundred books sold the author will write a check for $100 US to a worthy charity. The second $100 will go to another charity, and the third $100 will go to another.

The first charity she plans to help out is the
International Committee of the Red Cross,
an organization that has had a busy year helping victims of the recent South Asia Tsunami disaster and many people displaced because of the violence in Darfur, Sudan, among others.

She will announce the second charity as soon as the first goal has been met. And she appreciates readers' suggestions.

To enter the contest, readers can sign up at Appel's web site: http://pages.sbcglobal.net/cynthianna. A drawing for a gift basket of fun stuff related to the theme of Beautiful Dreamer will be given away.

The public isn't obligated to buy the book to enter the contest. But according to Appel, "If you do enter the MAKE THE WORLD SMILE contest, you can feel good that you're helping support a worthwhile charitable agency while enjoying a zany romantic tale of a sexy sleepwalking librarian who meets a committment-shy sheriff during the mayhem of Rodeo Week in a wacky West Texas town."

Beautiful Dreamer is now available for purchase at Triskelion Publishing: http://www.triskelionpublishing.com/prod83.html

Appel says, "Rest assured, I will remain a poor, struggling writer--and perhaps a Beautiful Dreamer?--but together we'll--MAKE THE WORLD SMILE."

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