Bigmouthmedia search survey reveals that women view Google differently to men

From: Bigmouthmedia Ltd UK
Published: Tue May 29 2007

A new survey commissioned by bigmouthmedia reveals that men are more likely than woman to criticise Google for being too commercial.

A previously commissioned bigmouthmedia survey revealed that there are deep uncertainties among UK web users over the leading search engines’ privacy intentions.

The latest survey commissioned by bigmouthmedia has revealed that men are more likely than women to criticise Google for being too commercial.

Over a thousand UK internet users responded to the question: "Is Google becoming too commercial?" and less than a third answered "Yes".

There was a difference of more than ten points between male and female answers. 35% of men thought Google was too commercial whereas only 23% of women agreed.

"The public’s opinion of Google and of any search engine is an important indicator to us," said Andrew Girdwood of bigmouthmedia, "Opinion hints at possible future shifts in market share. It is important for a digital marketing agency to be aware of the psychology of the search landscape. Searchers will react differently to advertisements on Google as their opinion of the search engine changes."

Bigmouthmedia is an international search engine marketing agency and multilingual specialist that helps brands achieve the best possible positions in organic and paid search.

Executive Editor of US based SearchEngineLand, Chris Sherman, was asked why public opinion may be becoming less forgiving of Google:

"All successful companies go through similar evolutionary phases. When they're young and innovative, they can do no wrong, especially if they're changing things in a positive way and providing benefits that were previously costly or unavailable. As the company matures, competitors begin to grumble, and the company inevitably makes mistakes that cause once loving customers pain or inconvenience."

The survey also reveals that a significant percentage of UK searchers are not sure whether Google was becoming too commercial or not.

The full survey and additional commentary by bigmouthmedia and Chris Sherman is available online at:

Notes to Editor:

The Toluna powered survey collected 1,101 responses from 551 men and 550 women from a panel representative of UK web users.

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