Atlanta's REALest Emcee Battle

Published: Tue Sep 06 2005

Battle Groundz is the newest sensation to hit the Atlanta underground scene. Atlanta has long been know for its’ colorful collection of talented individuals who originate from all areas of the globe to reside in the peach state. It is in that light that has taken on the task of creating an avenue for skilled urban dancers, emcees, and DJ’s to showcase their capabilities by vying for the Battle Groundz champion title, which will be up for grabs, monthly for each separate category.

Battle Groundz will serve as the TRUE test for those individuals in Atlanta and beyond that claim to be the best within their craft. expects the event to gain acclaim of the many persons that are waiting for an arena in which to prove themselves worthy of bragging rights. The mix of talent and competition will be a virtual hot bed for anyone seeking new talent, but would like to see their act proven in intense rivalry before their peers.

The date of the inaugural presentation of Battle Groundz is set for September 14, 2005. The location will be the Havanna Club within the upscale Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia. is in the active stages of partnering with various entities within the Atlanta entertainment community to make sure Battle Groundz will be understood as the ultimate site for one to prove their worth as an emcee, dancer, or DJ. The monthly competition will be UNforgettable, UNmatched and UNinhibited. The final champion of the night will be UNtouchable…that is, until the next month.

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