Internet Marketing Expert Develops Better Web Search Toolbar that Markets While You Surf!

From: E-Business Tutor
Published: Tue Sep 06 2005

The Free Traffic Bar™ is a slim toolbar that installs in Internet Explorer or FireFox browsers running under Windows. The toolbar is similar in appearance to toolbars from Google and Yahoo that many people already use on their computers every day. But toolbars from Google and Yahoo ONLY provide you access to THEIR search results. The Free Traffic Bar™ lets you search from over 70 different search and research tools, including such well-known giants as Google, Yahoo and MSN, but it also lets you do searches for specific categories like new, reference, people, software, audio, video, pictures, opinions and many more. A highlighter tool lets you highlight the phrase you are looking for on any site - even if you didn't do a search.

In addition to the 70+ research tools, the Free Traffic Bar™ also provides access to over 50 of the web's best free and low cost marketing tools and lets you analyze web sites for such elements as site popularity, broken links and quality of design..

Members using the free toolbar also have the opportunity to create headline ads about their products or services linking to their own web site. These headlines are shown to other users of the toolbar in rotation. While toolbar users browse the web, they are generating advertising credits as the headlines rotate, gaining credits to show their ad to other users. As they invite other people to join, they also generate additional credits as their referred members browse.

Garland Coulson, President of E-Business Tutor, says that he grew frustrated with only having results from one search engine available and developed the Free Traffic Bar™ for his own use first, before deciding to expand it to include an advertising exchange and share it with others. He was also annoyed at free traffic exchanges that forced you to look at advertiser sites, interrupted you with pop-ups, and bombarded you with sales messages so he ensured the Free Traffic Bar™ had no popups, forced site visits or pushy e-mailed sales messages. People only click on the ads they would like to learn more about.

The Free Traffic Bar™ is member driven and Garland has provided a forum area where members can get help with the toolbar, find out how to write better ads, learn how to track results, and suggest additional research and marketing tools they'd like to see. The toolbar automatically updates each week with any new research and marketing tools added in the last week.

Future versions will include geotargeting of ads (letting advertisers choose what country to show their ads in) and letting people choose the categories of ads they want to see.

People can test the toolbar and see a video demonstration at

Garland is also planning toolbars for specific industries, topics and locations. For example a local themed toolbar could be initiated by a local newspaper, tourism association or Chamber of Commerce. The local-themed toolbar could link to local events, attractions and businesses and show local news, events, or classified ads.

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