Evolution and Intelligent Design; could they both be teaching the truth?

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Published: Tue Sep 06 2005

Evolution and Intelligent Design; could they both be teaching the truth?

Author Marshall Klarfeld’s new book "ADAM, The Missing Link," gives us evidence to show that both the Creationists and Evolutionists have the right idea; they just couldn’t get the puzzle pieces together. Thankfully Mr. Klarfeld was able to, and what emerged was an image of the role Extraterrestrials played in the design of the human race.

It may sound like something out of science fiction, however the evidence, including 145 pictures of the symbols and achievements of the species that lived here on earth over 450,000 years ago. Fiction it is not.

Here is a short story from "ADAM, The Missing Link". It should give some insight into the advanced technical skills that the Anunnaki used to fashion their landing platform. It is one of the major structures, left here on Planet Earth, that is proof that these amazing visitors were here on our planet.

2. (Landing Platform) The colossal Roman ruin at Baalbek, Lebanon was built on a "tel" mound, indicating a place that had long been held sacred. Why the Romans built this largest and tallest temple, to their god Jupiter, 1500 miles from Rome, is the key question? The Roman construction was built on top of an existing 5,000,000 square foot platform. The scale of the Roman project, so distant from the center of their empire, indicates that this site was extraordinarily sacred.

Zecharia Sitchin’s research led him to conclude that the original platform was the major landing site of the Anunnaki. Pg.m shows an aerial view of the Roman ruins on top of "the landing platform". The six columns with their capstones still attached, are the remains of the Jupiter Temple. The other temple was dedicated to Venus.

The northwest corner of this platform is anchored by 3 of the largest stones ever used in any construction on our planet! These stones measure 64 feet long by 14 feet by 14 feet and each weigh over 1200 tons. (The St. Louis Arch’s stainless steel skin weighs 900 tons.) The builders of the landing platform quarried these megalithic stones, transported them one half mile up hill to the platform site, lifted them 36 feet on top of the carefully prepared foundation course, and fitted them perfectly end to end. It is doubtful that our best 21st Century technology could duplicate this feat 10,000 years ago!

The partial quote from Sitchin’s recent book, a translation called "The Lost Book of Enki", found on page 26 is;

"Where a landing Place to establish, a place for the rocket ships, he was seeking.

Enlil, by the heat of the sun afflicted, for a place of coolness and shade was searching.

To snow-covered mountains on the Edin’s north side he took a liking.

The tallest trees he ever saw grew there in a cedar forest.
There above a mountain valley with power beams the surface he flattened.

Great stones from the hillside the heroes quarried and to size cut.

To uphold the platform with skyships they carried and emplaced them.

With satisfaction did Enlil the handiwork consider,

A work beyond belief indeed it was, a structure of everlasting!"

If this platform was built pre flood (olden times), then the design should be classified a survival success. Another super large stone has been found under the Western Wall in Jerusalem. It is possible that Solomon’s Temple was built on top of another Anunnaki structure.

This very ancient 5,000,000 square foot platform is an engineering marvel made of stone and assembled without the need of mortar. The amazing construction achievements presented at Baalbek qualify this platform as a major S.I.St. (Stored Information Structure).

This is only an example of the of the compelling material held within "ADAM, The Missing Link." As well as a small sampling of the subjects covered extensively on the Book of THoTH website, where outside the box thinkers go to discuss their views in a mature and friendly environment.

Marshall Klarfeld became a member of the Book of THoTH, and discusses "ADAM, The Missing Link" in a thread on the forums titled "Evolution Wars." There Klarfeld and other Book of THoTH members debate the Creationist Vs. Evolutionist theories, as well as the idea that they may both be right.

With such prominent persons, such as President Bush, making their views known about this debate recently, the discussion at the Book of THoTH is bound to bring new views to the table, Marshall Klarfeld’s being one of the many.

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