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Published: Wed Apr 06 2011

DRIVING instructors across the land have been offered the chance to put their business in top gear and rev up the profits.
Innovative company MiShop.local is offering a fantastic chance for driving instructors to do what they do best – get more customers to put through that dreaded test.
The company - founded last year by David Whatley – can deliver high value marketing and business services to local firms at incredibly low costs.
Mr Whatley, who has more than 20 years’ experience in leading edge product development and business consulting for blue chip companies and a growing portfolio of small businesses, said: "Self-employed driving instructor, whether they operate under a franchise or their own name have to consider how people find them locally using the internet.
"We have seen some major changes in on-line search recently, and notice that Google is placing a lot of emphasis on local search. Driving instructors fall into the local search category.
"It is very important for driving instructors to understand that to get found locally on-line; Google (and other search engines) need to know that they exist locally!
"When someone looks for a driving instructor in a particular town, Google sorts through all the information it can find on driving instructors in that town before ranking them.
"The more consistent and interesting the information it finds, the higher it lists the driving instructor. Google looks in many places, but two of the most important places are local business listings sites and customer reviews. Needless to say, if there’s no information about you, in the eyes of Google you don’t exist!
"Importantly, I have found many local business listing sites offer FREE listing and customer review facilities, and that using these can be a very effective way for driving instructors to significantly increase their local search presence. In fact, using many free listing sites is more effective than paying for one business listing site.
"To help local business take advantage of this opportunity, I set-up MiShop.local.
"MiShop.local sets up various listing sites which offer customer reviews that ‘feed Google’ thereby helping to raise their profile further."
He said many free listing sites are fantastic in their own right and MiShop.local will set them up for driving instructors and help them to use them more effectively.
And here is the key.
He explained: "There is a lot of free stuff on the internet which small businesses can use to promote their businesses, however, many do not have the time, knowledge or inclination to find, understand and take advantage of them.
" People may think that, because these sites are free, that they can’t be very good and no one uses them. Well the fact is some are excellent and getting more traffic than some paid sites – we know which ones and set you up on them and help you use them.
"The sites themselves work for you, providing a professional image to your customers, however, they also tell Google what you do in a given location – all of which adds up to a higher profile on the internet."
In fact, using Google Analytics, MiShop.local has consistently shown a significant increase in the number of people seeing and clicking on these FREE adverts.
Of course, you can do all of this yourself but it takes time, effort and a little bit of expertise – that is where MiShop.local comes in.
MiShop.local provides a service to help local business take advantage of these services and to significantly improve their online presence.
And you don’t need to pay thousands of pounds to get a local on-line presence – look at MiShop.local today before spending any money. You will get advice, but more importantly a service that will do what you can do yourself, if only you had the time and knowledge!
Mr Whatley added: "Driving instructors are in the car all day- the last thing they want to do is spend their evenings on-line trying to work out how to set-up and manage these sites."
Mr Whatley said: "We have already launched a specific service aimed at tradesmen, beauticians and garage services and now want to branch out and help driving instructors.
"Remember, if you are not registering on local listing sites, Google can’t find you and you basically don’t exist in Google’s eyes."
MiShop.Local will:
• Set you up on the top 20 free business listing sites
• Write the business description for each site and upload photos and
• Manage the listing sites for you
• Optimise your Google (Local) Place page for local search.
• Get you customer reviews
Get in touch with Mr Whatley today and let him drive your business forward and throw off those search engine L plates for good!
Go to www.mishoplocal.co.uk/instructors and find out more!
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