Starving Student? Take Big-Boys 101 and win cash for your home videos

Published: Wed Sep 07 2005 today announced the launch of their first annual college video contest. As students head back to school from their summer vacations, Big-Boys is offering them an opportunity to cash in on their memorable college moments - by capturing those moments on video, and submitting them to Big-Boys will pay over $20,000 for original videos in just the fall quarter alone, and will also bring celebrity status to the creators and stars of the videos themselves. <>

What's memorable? Extreme tailgating, fraternity and sorority pranks, stupid people tricks, incredible sports bloopers, skateboard and bicycle stunts, amazing parties and cool flash animation all qualify. Keith Richman, Chief Content Officer of Big-Boys said, "We know college kids are going to do silly, crazy things and Big-Boys 101 is simply a way for them to make money doing them." <> has become known over the last year as the web site to find amazing video footage. By showing over 100 million videos to 8 million unique people monthly, Big-Boys also is a leader in creating viral trends and internet celebrities. Big-Boys 101 represents the site's biggest contest outing yet. <>

Each student that gets their original video posted to the Big-Boys Web site will automatically receive $100. The top 10 rated videos will get an additional $500 each and the creator of the overall top rated video will get a brand new digital camcorder. Complete contest details for submitting entries to the Big-Boys College Video Contest can be viewed online at: . does not promote or condone any illicit, illegal, obscene, pornographic, dangerous, or exploitative acts of any kind.

<>With over 8 million unique monthly visitors, Big-Boys ranks as the 350th most popular sites on the Internet according to, a leading traffic and ranking service.

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