Exercise your body not your patience at the Gym !

From: ibooka
Published: Wed Sep 07 2005

Going to the gym to keep fit is becoming a way of life for many people, however, unfortunately so is pressing the redial button to call the gym to see if there are available coaching, aerobic or free sessions. When the urge to go to the gym and work off excesses or just continue to improve fitness levels comes the last thing people want is an engaged tone or an answer phone message apologising and asking them to call back during opening hours. If a coaching session, keep fit group or free gym session is not booked by the day before it is so hard to fill the early sessions on the actual day and so many people want to go whenever the feeling comes upon them. With ibooka all gyms and fitness centres can now afford to have their own Internet booking system, to be open for bookings 24 hours a day and to offer a better customer service and profitability.

The problem for gyms and fitness centres up to now has been that Internet booking systems have cost far too much, in terms of both money and time, for all but the largest chains to realistically afford them. With ibooka (www.ibooka.com) that problem is overcome. ibooka have a fully functional solution that offers gyms and fitness centres their own tailored booking web site, on a shared central server, at no charge. If members, casual users and gyms/fitness centres find the system of value and continue to use it then the only costs is a few pennies per booking, just like a phone call. The ibooka solution is another of those new breed of solutions which shows what can be done at very affordable prices when a clever use of technology and the Internet are combined with the specific intention of addressing a genuine business requirement at gyms and other fitness centres around the world.

To set up an ibooka site only takes a few hours and ibooka can even, optionally, link in an electronic payments system to handle payments on-line if required. Ibooka provide free "hand holding" help through this part of the process allowing even those that have never used the Internet to benefit from ibooka. A trial booking site with ibooka is free and many gyms have piloted the system with the coaching, aerobics and other special session bookings first to see the strength of the customer demand, with nothing to lose they have proved just how much there is to gain from an ibooka system.

As well as being pleasing on the eye, ibooka is efficient, is simple, and it does the booking/reservation job required of it. Members and non members can, after verification, select variable sessions, change bookings, reschedule and plan their time better, however, feedback has shown that by far the biggest benefit is the almost elimination of the engaged tone and the ability to "do it now".

Ibooka is an equally appropriate solution for independent gyms or for the largest fitness centre chains, integrating into all environments and with most existing systems. For more information about ibooka or to understand how ibooka can provide a solution in your business please visit www.ibooka.com or contact ibooka at ibooka@ibooka.com.

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