– Auer Dult to Take Place in Munich on 30 Apr to 8 May 2011

Published: Fri Apr 08 2011

This is a tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages and it is a traditional fair that takes place three times a year. The main part of the fair is located in the Mariahilfplatz and visitors can wander around the stalls as they please, picking up bargains and enjoying some of the local delicacies from the refreshment stalls. There is also a fairground that should delight both children and adults and is a lively place to be.

The location is centrally located so it is easy to reach on public transport, which is the best option due to the number of visitors that will be flocking to the area. Car parking is available but visitors would need to get there early. There are no tickets for entry required, although the fairground rides are individually priced.

The fair is a very popular event and as such sees a high turnout of people. This means that hotels and accommodation in the area could full up very quickly, leaving some people with nowhere to stay. Lek Boonlert, head of marketing at, has stated that anyone who is wanted to book accommodation in the area needs to ensure they book immediately. For those in need of a hotel, Munich has many to choose from but these events may make vacancies scarce.

For those who find that they need to stay farther away, public transport is available to ensure your timely arrival for the events taking place.


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