“Scrambled Eggs” and hurricane relief: Author Cynthianna Appel’s latest book promotion to help Katri

From: Cynthianna Appel
Published: Wed Sep 07 2005

About the only good thing about being a destitute writer is that occasionally you think out of the box. And, thus, the MAKE THE WORLD SMILE II contest/promotion was born. For every copy of her novel Scrambled Eggs sold within the first three months of publication, author Cynthianna Appel will donate $1 to The Orphan Grain Train.

Multi-published romance novelist Cynthianna Appel’s first MAKE THE WORLD SMILE promotion successfully raised funds to aid the Red Cross for disaster relief so she has decided to do it again… For every copy of her romantic-comedy Scrambled Eggs sold within the first three months of publication she will donate $1 to charity. Details are available at the author's web site, http://pages.sbcglobal.net/cynthianna/contest.html

The author doesn't plan to make any money off her books by giving away a good portion of her royalties. Appel says, "At the end of the day, I'll still be a poor, struggling writer, but at least I'll be able to MAKE THE WORLD SMILE by giving to worthy charities."

The charity she plans to help out this time is The Orphan Grain Train (www.orphangraintrain.org) an organization that helps out children around the world—including those in America—with clothing, foodstuffs and medical supplies.

To enter the contest portion of the promotion, readers can sign up at Appel's web site: http://pages.sbcglobal.net/cynthianna. A drawing for a gift basket of fun stuff related to the theme of Scrambled Eggs will be given away.

The public isn't obligated to buy the book to enter the contest. But according to Appel, "If you do buy my book and enter the MAKE THE WORLD SMILE II contest, you can feel good that you're helping support a worthwhile charitable agency while enjoying a heartwarming romantic tale."

Scrambled Eggs is available from Triskelion Publishing: http://www.triskelionpublishing.com/pd29.html

Appel says, "Rest assured, I will remain a poor, struggling writer, but together we'll--MAKE THE WORLD SMILE."

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