Ancient Korean Practice Growing in the United States

From: Dahn Yoga
Published: Wed Sep 07 2005

Sedona, AZ (Sept. 8, 2005) – A Korean practice that dates back thousands of years is becoming a growing trend in the United States. Dahn Yoga (sometimes referred to as Dahn Hak or Dahnhak) began as an ancient Korean training program to educate the population on how to develop both the mind and the body. "Dahn" means energy, vitality, and origin of life, and "Hak" means study, philosophy, and theory. The practice had virtually vanished, until Ilichi Lee, the founder of Dahnhak, rediscovered it during his personal journey into self-realization and rigorous self-discipline, and later opened his first center in Korea in1985.

Dahn Yoga was first introduced to the United States in 1991 and more than 130 centers are now open in this country, with another twenty to open later this fall. There are 200,000 Dahn practitioners worldwide. In August, new centers opened in Oak Park, Calif.; Atlanta, GA.; Houston, Tex,; Portland, OR; and Chicago, IL. Coming in September are facilities in Albuquerque, NM; College Park, MD; Utica, MI.; Forest Park, IL; and Smith Town, NY.

Hyung Jin Cho is the head instructor in the new Atlanta facility. Atlanta now has eight Dahn Yoga centers. "The interest in the practice of Dahn Yoga has grown as people in the United States are learning the holistic value of the program. Our yoga program is different than other classes that people may have experienced. In addition to the fitness element of yoga, we teach the principles of how energy works in the body, which is a concept that is rather new in the western culture where things are based on the ability to touch and see. You can’t see energy, but it is what makes us move. Our bodies are born with a perfect healing system but as we age, stress reduces those capacities. We teach people how to improve that energy flow in the body which improves their health," said Cho.

Here in the U.S. the Dahn Yoga centers offer a variety of programs including yoga and tai chi, along with other programs. The Dahn Practice has three components: physical exercise, accessing Ki-energy through visualization and imagery, and meditation. During Dahn classes, practitioners learn to communicate with their bodies. By stimulating the Ki-energy circulation, the connection between the physical body and the conscious mind, the body’s natural healing power is activated. According to the book Dahnhak: The Way to Perfect Health, Ki-energy is the connecting thread that helps human beings understand that all beings in the cosmos exist as one.

A notable aspect of Dahn Yoga is that in some communities, the classes are led by volunteers and are available free of charge, being staged in churches, hospitals, assisted living centers, libraries and college campuses.

Dahn Yoga is a holistic program that promotes a healthy body, a healthy family, a healthy community and a healthy world. Additional information on the program offerings are available on the Internet at


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