Swoon.co.uk reports romantic relationships in crsis for middle aged Brits

From: Swoon.co.uk
Published: Wed Apr 13 2011

Swoon.co.uk, the new online dating site, has revealed the results of new research that shows four out of five middle-aged Brits (35-54) have suffered a romantic break-up. Surprisingly, more than a third of those recently separated would still date their ex even if they had known more about their personality beforehand.

When it comes to dating, it seems that having foresight makes little difference to many Brits' choice of partner. Across all ages, only one out of three (35%) men and two out of five (43%) women say they would definitely not have dated their ex if they had known more about their personality before they got together.

Commenting on the results, Harley Street relationship therapist and life coach, Trevor Silvester, said: "Ultimately, we're all looking for love, but it’s the romantic thrill of unpredictability that we secretly seek. With many online dating websites focusing on compatibility matching for long-term happiness, it appears they are overlooking the very aspect of a new romance that excites singles the most.

"Online dating may have changed the face of dating making it easier than ever before to find a potential partner, but it seems that it hasn't altered the natural rules of attraction."

Latest statistics reveal there are over 16 million single people living in the UK*, with more UK singles admitting they are dissatisfied with their lone status than anywhere else in Europe (35%)**.

Silvester continued: "In my 20 years experience as a relationship therapist, the reason couples split is rarely that they don't love each other enough, it's that they don’t understand and embrace the differences between them."

Indeed, across all age groups only a third of respondents (37%) said they felt understood by their ex partner, with one in five females saying "It was like we were speaking different languages." Only 4% of those recently separated said they didn’t feel loved enough by their ex.

"The problems we face with our partners are often caused by differences in the way we think that most people are unaware of. We can often be puzzled, frustrated or driven to madness by the things our partners do, without realising that they're having the same experience, and that their behaviour is often their attempt to improve the relationship," Silvester concluded.

Trevor Silvester is the brains behind the new online dating site swoon.co.uk, which offers dating advice and aims to help daters right from the very start by explaining the differences between them and how to use these differences to make their relationship work. Through answering a simple set of questions, members will be able to discover their 'Swoon Appeal', giving other daters an insight into their world and what makes them tick.

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Notes to editors:
Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 2,093 UK adults aged 18+ from 23rd to 25th March 2011. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria.


About swoon.co.uk:
Swoon.co.uk was launched in April 2011 by online publisher brightsolid, owner of the Friends Reunited Group, including Friends Reunited Dating, one of the UK's most popular dating sites. Working with internationally recognised relationship therapist and life coach Trevor Silvester, brightsolid has developed a genuinely unique service that uses tried and tested psychotherapy techniques to help users learn about themselves and prospective dates. By answering a set of simple questions, members will be able to discover their 'Swoon Appeal', giving other daters an insight into their world and what makes them tick.

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