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From: Foods For Life
Published: Thu Sep 08 2005

The BBC reported Professor Lang’s message that "the healthy eating drive is at risk of failing because the public is getting contradictory messages."

"There is an easy solution to many of the worlds health and environmental problems" says author of the vegan cookbook by Hamlyn (ISBN 0600611906) Tony Bishop-Weston. "Just by encouraging consumers to eat more delicious and nutritious vegan foods you can help improve human health and also create a more ethical sustainable future for the planet"

Recently interviewed on the BBC World Service Outlook Programme for his 95th Birthday Donald Watson, Vegan Society founder said "So many people are running towards what I see as suicide, performing habits that everyone knows are dangerous. Man's greatest mistake is trying to turn himself into a carnivore, contrary to natural law."

Top London nutritionist and tutor at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition Yvonne Bishop-Weston agrees "Eating more plant based foods is essential for better health. So many people I see in my London clinics can be helped with simple changes in their diets rather than expensive drugs. Fertility, heart health, cognitive function, digestion and weight management can all usually be improved through rebalancing the body and a healthy optimum nutrition program."

Billions of pounds and dollars are spent promoting the eating of more sugar, meat and dairy that are often at the root of health problems or environmental destruction.

Until there is a co-ordinated approach to public health education or steps taken to enforce social responsibility on companies whose adverts encourage people to be unhealthy and rape the planet, the future looks somewhat bleak for humanity.

More and more experts and researchers from around the world are now agreeing with Donald Watson’s original message that the planets’ resources are not sustainable and our health will be seriously compromised if we continue to consume animal products.

Feeding plants to animals rather than humans endangers supplies of water, land, air, energy and the prospects for long-term health. Over 90% of US soya is fed to animals rather than humans. There is no reason why the world should be short of food other than mismanagement.

"World Vegan Day 1st November is the perfect awareness day to unite governments, manufacturers, health professionals, chefs and retailers to encourage higher awareness about plant based solutions to many of the world’s problems" says Tony.

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