Asta Development plays key role in Wigan's timely Grand Arcade construction.

From: Asta Development
Published: Tue Jun 05 2007

The construction of the new 39,020msq shopping centre incorporated 35 new shop units and two new car parks providing 825 spaces. As a flagship development for Modus Properties Ltd, it was crucial the development was delivered on time - particularly as the build programme caused an element of disruption to Wigan town centre. The project was one of the first to benefit from the project management software, following the main contractor’s recent switch to Asta Development.

Asta Powerproject was used to overcome several challenges at the site, which would otherwise have proved time consuming and costly. The city centre nature of the site complicated the ease with which plant and materials could access and be delivered. For the same reason demolition had to be carried out in a busy city centre environment followed by construction around existing council buildings. This, combined with the added complication of archaeology digs, mine cappings and an existing 15m drop across the site, meant that the development required stringent project management at every stage to avoid the risk of running over time and budget.

Mike Hounslow, Managing Planner at Shepherd, said, in relation to his use of the construction management software, "With Asta Powerproject I was able to manage all aspects of this project accurately and keep it on track. It also allowed me to produce regular progress reports for the client and our senior managers, which are a great communication tool because they are so clear and easy to understand."

Alongside Asta Powerproject, Shepherd Construction also uses Asta Project Viewer, a free tool that enables site managers to view, navigate and print Asta Powerproject plans. Mike said: "The main reason for switching to Asta Powerproject is that it is pretty much used as standard across the construction industry, making it easier to work with clients and trade contractors."


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