EasyTel.Net and Global Crossing Donate 10,000 Toll-Free 800 Numbers to Provide Messaging Services to

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September 7, 2005

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EasyTel.Net and Global Crossing Donate 10,000 Toll-Free 800 Numbers to Provide Messaging Services to Hurricane Katrina Victims

• Companies join together to ease communications burden for Hurricane Katrina victims through free access to phone, fax and e-mail messaging.
• Launch of emergency messaging program begins at George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston and Austin Convention Center.


Florham Park, NJ – EasyTel, a unified communications company, and Global Crossing (NASDAQ: GLBC), a leading provider of telecommunications solutions over the world's first integrated global IP-based network, announced today the donation of 10,000 toll-free phone numbers with phone, fax and e-mail messaging to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The joint relief effort aims to help victims of Hurricane Katrina find ways to stay in touch with their family, friends and others over the coming weeks and months, wherever they may be.

"In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, much of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the surrounding area have been left devastated, without many basic services such as telephone service. Family members have been separated across towns and across the country, unable to reach each other," said Thomas Skala, chief executive of EasyTel. "To help ease the communications burden on these families we are donating EasyTel’s VoiceFaxEmail messaging service as victims start to reconnect and rebuild over the next few months."

"We’re proud to partner with our national customer, EasyTel, to provide 10,000 toll-free numbers and network support to make this relief effort possible," said John Legere, chief executive of Global Crossing. "Rebuilding the infrastructure throughout the hurricane-impacted region will be a long, slow process. In the meantime, we’re lending a hand like so many others to make Hurricane Katrina’s victims’ lives a bit easier and to bridge the communications gap between them and their loved ones."

The program will give disaster victims a toll-free number that can be used to send and receive voice, fax or e-mail messages. EasyTel’s messaging service includes:
• A toll-free telephone number: This number will be unique to each user, and will not change no matter where the user goes. Anyone can use the number to leave a message 24 hours, 7 days per week.
• Fax service: The same number can be used to receive faxes. Faxes can be forwarded to a fax machine or can be viewed via e-mail or online at via www.voicefaxemail.com.
• E-mail address: Users will also be able to use the number as an e-mail address, accessible at www.voicefaxemail.com . This address will allow users to send and receive e-mail through any computer with Internet access.

The program also includes a "Disaster Contact Directory" that enables family and friends to call a toll-free number to find out if their loved ones have registered with the program and how they can be contacted. The system, utilizing EasyTel’s Universal Office Platform, allows a user to enter someone’s name and the primary phone number they used before the hurricane. The Directory will use this information to locate a user and find the new toll-free number where the person can be contacted, if they are registered with this service. Loved ones can access the Disaster Contact Directory by calling 1-800-341-SEEK (7335). The Disaster Contact Directory will be updated daily as new users register.

The free program will extend through December 31, 2005 and is offered at no charge or obligation to those utilizing the program.

Messaging service information pamphlets with instructions on how to activate a unique phone number are being distributed to Hurricane Katrina victims through disaster relief organizations working in the area. The initial launch of the program will begin at check-in at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX and at the help desk of the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX.


EasyTel integrated its own unified communications platform with InfoUSA's electronic banking services: The Universal Office, EasyTel’s proprietary soft switch, runs on GenieNet, a nationwide private voice-over-IP network, (GenieNet).

EasyTel now provides local coverage in most US markets. Across the nation, in over 3,000 cities and communities, spanning 115 area codes across 1,343 rate centers, in 27 states and Washington DC, and can be reached by approximately 80 percent of the population in the United States as a local call through the use of a touch-tone telephone or the internet. No other equipment is necessary.


InfoUSA, a Nevada corporation, is a publicly owned company, created to integrate telecommunications, electronic banking and internet services into one seamless service.

InfoUSA embarked on a mission to design and fully develop a proprietary technology, both hardware and software, which integrates three powerful technologies; Telecommunications, the world’s most universal and interactive communication medium; Electronic Banking, the key to electronic commerce; and the Internet, the world’s most powerful information medium as one seamless service. InfoUSA has four main subsidiaries, EasyTel.Net, Genie Bancor.Com, DialTel, and the Universal Office Corporation, all of which operated jointly to achieve InfoUSA’s mission.

Global Crossing (NASDAQ: GLBC) provides telecommunications solutions over the world's first integrated global IP-based network. Its core network connects more than 300 cities and 30 countries worldwide, and delivers services to more than 500 major cities, 50 countries and 6 continents around the globe. The company’s global sales and support model matches the network footprint and, like the network, delivers a consistent customer experience worldwide.

Global Crossing IP services are global in scale, linking the world’s enterprises, governments and carriers with customers, employees and partners worldwide in a secure environment that is ideally suited for IP-based business applications, allowing e-commerce to thrive. The company offers a full range of managed data and voice products including Global Crossing IP VPN Service, Global Crossing Managed Services and Global Crossing VoIP services, to more than 40 percent of the Fortune 500, as well as 700 carriers, mobile operators and ISPs.

Please visit www.globalcrossing.com for more information about Global Crossing.

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