Varitronix adds colour to the instrument display

From: Varitronix UK Ltd
Published: Wed Jun 06 2007

Varitronix is addressing the growing need for high performance colour displays in the industrial market by launching what it believes is the world’s most diverse range of semi-custom, mid-size colour TFT displays. The displays complement the company’s high performance standard products, and offer a wealth of bespoke features to customers ordering as few as 100 displays.

According to Mike Burke, General Manager, TFT Division, Varitronix Limited, "We’re seeing growing colorisation of the industrial display panel, both to improve the clarity and quantity of information provided on the display, and to enhance the visual appearance of the product. Industrial applications remain uniquely demanding in terms of contrast ratio, viewing angle and operating temperature range. Varitronix is able to offer colour display solutions that meet specific requirements in a volume that is realistic in the context of an industrial or medical application."

Previously, customers requiring colour displays for industrial applications would have been forced either to select from a restricted standard range of products, or to use lower performance colour STN technology. Varitronix’s colour TFT technology offers resolutions up to 1024 x 768, contrast ratios in excess of 800:1, and viewing angles up to 178 x 178°.

Varitronix offers customers with unique requirements the opportunity to specify almost every component of their display around the standard glass sizes from 2" to 15", to create a solution addressing the specific challenges of their application. Customisation options include integrated timing controller solutions, a controller board to the customer’s specification, and an enhanced temperature range. The backlight can also be specified by the customer – with a high brightness white LED backlight offered for the maximum performance under demanding viewing conditions. Other customisable features include the polarisers, bezel and light guides. Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) heaters are available to improve response times at low temperatures. An integrated touch screen interface, assembled in the factory under clean-room conditions, is also available.

For outdoor applications, customers are able to specify Varitronix’s new index-matched bonding technology which reduces reflections and enhances contrast, improving readability of TFTs in sunlight by 400%. This technology uses anti-reflective glass allied to optical glue to reduce total internal reflection, and provide the best possible protection for the panel against water and other hazards.

These customisation options complement the already extensive range of over 50 different standard industrial grade TFT modules offered by Varitronix in sizes from 2" to 15". The standard range is offered with analogue or digital interfaces, and is available with a touch screen module.

For higher volume applications of 50,000 pieces and upwards, Varitronix is offering a full custom display service, with glass cut to the customers requirements. Varitronix minimum order requirement for custom glass is much lower than is normal in the display industry.

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Varitronix is a world-leading manufacturer of small-to-medium-sized LCDs for tele-communications, automotive, industrial and consumer applications. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Varitronix has an annual turnover of approximately US$240 million and serves customers worldwide through its extensive sales network. The company’s strength is in the design and manufacture of custom and semi custom LCD modules, but it also provides a range of standard products. Varitronix holds ISO 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 14001 accreditation. The Company has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 1991 (stock code: 710). Visit: for more information.

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Photo caption: Semi-custom will widen the adoption of TFT technology in industrial applications such as this weighing instrument.

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