Controversial Book on Alcoholism Now Available in America and Worldwide

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Published: Fri Sep 09 2005

"Phoenix in a Bottle" the controversial new book by Scottish couple Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald that challenges conventional wisdom about alcoholism, is now readily available in America and throughout the world, as well as in the United Kingdom.

"Phoenix in a Bottle" is available worldwide online direct from the UK publishers Melrose Books at:

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In 1994 as a result of their alcoholism, Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald were down and out, sleeping rough in the streets and parks of Cambridge, the English university town where, a quarter of a century before, Murdoch had studied for an honours degree.

Refusing to accept what they consider to be the outmoded myths and dogma of Alcoholics Anonymous, Lilian and Murdoch set about searching for the underlying causes of their self-harming behaviour problem, which they discovered lay in childhood.

Although Lilian and Murdoch's upbringing caused their problems, they themselves take full responsibility for their drinking, most importantly because taking responsibility for one's own actions is the starting point on the road to recovery.

As a result of their endeavours, the couple are today back home in Ayrshire, Scotland, leading normal lives again, with their problems of alcoholism and Lilian's associated eating disorder well and truly behind them. Controversially, they are also now able to drink alcohol responsibly again, if and when they so wish.

This book "Phoenix in a Bottle" is the inspiring story of their journey.

Reviewing "Phoenix in a Bottle", eminent American psychologist and addiction expert Dr Stanton Peele PhD commented: "Phoenix in a Bottle is a modern version of The Days of Wine and Roses, and tells the true story of how two people who entered a period of desperate drinking stayed with one another in a close loving relationship, and emerged from their alcoholism able to drink responsibly again.

"Both a wonderful love story and a challenge to conventional wisdom about how people can recover from drinking problems, Phoenix in a Bottle gives people hope, and helps them to confront their own demons - alcohol or otherwise."

"Phoenix in a Bottle" by Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald is published in the UK by Melrose Books, price £16.99.

ISBN: 1905226144

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