Actress Teams Up with Model to Find Homes for Katrina Victims

Published: Fri Sep 09 2005

CHICAGO – Compassion and concern for those who have had their lives disrupted by the devastating effects of Katrina is the motivating factor that brought two women together to help find homes for the homeless.

The beautiful and talented actress and model LisaRaye has joined forces with her friend Toni Shelton to help the homeless find people who are willing to provide a place for them to live.

LisaRaye can be seen in the television series "All of Us" as Neesee James. The popular series began in 2003 and was created by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. LisaRaye is also known for her roles in Ice Cube’s film "The Players Club" with Jaimee Foxx , and the film "The Wood" with Taye Diggs.

It all began when Shelton, a modeling consultant and author of "Rising Star," earlier this week offered her two homes in Chicago and one in Los Angeles to victims of Katrina. She has been so deluged with calls and requests for help that she is now expanding her efforts, with the help of LisaRaye.

"My heart breaks every time I see another news report about the devastation caused by Katrina. I’d love to have them all stay in my home, but there is no room so I am finding volunteers who can take people into their homes. Toni is helping me to put the homeless together with people who need help," said LisaRaye.

Many people have either offered space in their own home, or have offered the use of vacant rental properties that they own.

"I’ve been in a homeless situation myself with my children, so every time I see what is happening to so many people it makes me cry," said Shelton. "I just kept asking God what can I do to help, and the answer came back that I should help people with what they need most – a home."

Shelton found success as a model, modeling consultant, and is the author of a book on how to become a model called "Rising Star" (ISBN 1-4134-6235-9, Xlibris). She has two homes in Chicago and one in Los Angeles.

Airlines are providing free transportation to people left homeless by Katrina, as long as they have a verified place to go. Shelton and LisaRaye are making that possible.

"We want to do the most good we can, and God has blessed us, so now we can bless others," said LisaRaye.

Those who are willing to help the homeless can reach Shelton by phone at 708-705-7050 to make the arrangements. More information about her book "Rising Star" can be found at Photos are also available at the site.

Information about LisaRaye can be found at her web site at

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