16th Annual Bioneers Conference Marin Center, San Rafael, CA October 14 – 16, 2005

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Published: Sat Sep 10 2005

16th Annual Bioneers Conference Marin Center, San Rafael, CA October 14 – 16, 2005

The Nation’s Premier Solutions-Centered Summit
Addressing Innovative Strategies for Restoring the Earth and People

Before Anyone Knew Katrina Would Strike, Bioneers Programmed:

Bill McKibben on Global Warming and the Transition to Renewable Energy
Diane Wilson on Ending Chemical Contamination of the Gulf Coast
Dr. Bernice Reagon on Lessons of the Civil Rights Movement for Environmental Justice

It was only a matter of when, not if, our country would have to face these profound crises of both environmental degradation and social injustice. Since 1990, the Bioneers conference has been at the forefront of highlighting a plethora of practical and visionary solutions. See why well over 3,000 annually attend the Bioneers conference, and why this year another 6,000 more people will be attending local live Beaming Bioneers satellite conferences across the US and Canada.

The Bioneers Conference 2005 presents a dazzling array of leading figures across all fields and disciplines including Andy Lipkis (nationally recognized urban restoration in Los Angeles), Michael Ableman (ecological and community-based farming), Janine Benyus (biomimicry for applying nature’s operating instructions to technology), Van Jones (social justice and green jobs), and Jodie Evans (co-founder of Code Pink: Women for Peace). Over 150 visionary speakers, 15 plenary sessions, 50 panels and ample networking. Learn more about the conference and how to attend at www.bioneers.org

Among the other highlights at Bioneers 2005:
Bold Precaution: The Precautionary Principle Gains Traction
The wellspring of a new political agenda, the Precautionary Principle grows from renewed respect for the natural world, the wealth we all hold, and our collective responsibilities. Carolyn Raffensperger, a leader in seeding the Precautionary Principle in the U.S., describes remarkable successes in applying this "better safe than sorry" approach to governments, companies, and communities.

Fast Food, Slow Food: From Addiction to Health
Is the contemporary American diet leading to literal addiction, permanent neurochemical changes in individuals and a major public health crisis? What alternatives are emerging? With Margaret Adamek, founder and director of the Sugar Project, and Esther Cook, resident chef at Berkley’s Edible Schoolyard at Martin Luther King Jr. Junior High School.

From Russia with Snow Leopards: The Future of Wilderness Protection
Slava Trigubovich, among the Russian Federation’s best-known anti-poaching rangers and wild habitat advocates, depicts his efforts to preserve huge areas of the most biodiverse wild lands in his homeland, including the fabled snow leopard.
Website: www.bioneers.org

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