NH Hotels announces sponsorship of Corrente in movimento

From: NH Hotels
Published: Wed May 04 2011

NH Hotels has announced its sponsorship of the 'Corrente in movimento' (power on the road) project to promote renewable energy.

The project will see a CO2-free tour of Italy in an electric car discovering the latest innovations in renewable energy, a field in which Italian technology is at the forefront. This project is perfectly in line with the ideas and aspirations of NH Hotels, as the company has been dedicated to environmental and social themes for some time.

The electric-powered vehicle will visit the whole of Italy, from North to South, to provide a meeting point for local communities between the world of research and production.

The aims of 'Corrente in movimento' are to promote the use of renewable energy sources in Italy, showcasing cutting-edge Italian technology in the field of renewable energy in the SME sector. It also aims to unite all of Italy from North to South on the theme of renewable energy and sustainable transportation, to encourage contact between the world of research and the Italian business sector in the renewable energy field, to provide citizens with information on renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative transportation and to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of a trip around Italy in an electric vehicle. Finally, it aims to promote the participation of municipalities in the Covenant of Mayors, and consequently draw up and implement an Action Plan.

Each stage of the trip will have a specific theme (solar photovoltaic power, wind power, biomass, hydroelectric power, etc.) and there will be guest appearances en-route from scientists and energy experts, showbiz personalities, sportsmen and women and cultural figures who have shown interest in environmental issues and alternative energy.

There will also be radio and television interviews with citizens, authorities, researchers and entrepreneurs.

An information desk will be set up everywhere the vehicle stops which will ensure free advice and information will be provided to citizens on the use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and best practices for sustainable transportation.

The electric tour will begin on May 8th and end on June 20th 2011, starting and ending in Rome and visiting Genoa, Milan, Brescia, Trieste, Ancona, Naples and more. The NH facilities with parking lots equipped for charging electric cars such as NH Bologna Villanova, NH Cavalieri in Pisa, NH Milano2 and NH Vicenza are just some of the stops on the tour.

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