Teenage Rock Band Sings “I need, need water to drink” From First Recorded CD “And Air” - Reminding u

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Published: Mon Sep 12 2005

Teenage Rock Band Sings "I need, need water to drink" From First Recorded CD "And Air" - Reminding us of Humanity’s Common Bonds and Simple Needs For Survival

Young Band Creates Heartfelt and Passionate Musical Download to Gather Donations for the Red Cross Efforts after Hurricane Katrina

Munch Music Delta, B.C., September 12, 2005 - Munch Music, Inc. - www.MyMunchMusic.com and www.RockandRollDream.com a new digital recording studio launches its first recording artist debut song, "And Air" by Van Paul and the Forever Red. The haunting lyrics, prophetically written prior to the recent hurricane in the US, remind us of the basic needs of humanity as civilization as we know it gets tested.

The powerful yet simple and heartfelt words, "I need, need water to drink / And air, and air, and air" are sung passionately by a new songwriter with a vision to make a difference. Taylor Van Zant, a 16 year old, determined to be the next famous "Van Zant" musician launches his band's debut, as an up and coming artist and as co-founder of Munch Music, Inc.

The musical download, now available, will be a driving force for the new band to speak for their generation as well as to campaign for donations (requested before each download) to the Red Cross to benefit the survivors of the recent hurricane on the Gulf Coast. Songwriter and vocalist Taylor Van Zant stated, "It's important for us to raise awareness of the needs of the Red Cross and to do whatever we can to try and make a difference in this crisis."

At the download location, listeners will be asked to make a donation to the Red Cross Association of whatever they feel is appropriate. Please note that the song "And Air" will start playing as soon as the link is clicked on. The download is available at the following link: http://www.mymunchmusic.com/downloads_VPFReds.htm

Brian Noer, Munch Music's Director and Producer said, "When the band played this song to me for the first time I was amazed at the honest emotion and simple statement of lyrical fact that most adults would have trouble verbalizing. The song ‘And Air’ was relevant two weeks ago, but even more so after the terrible events of last week. When the band then hatched the idea of releasing the song immediately so that they could do their part for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, I realized the urgency of putting the song out as is – which is a heartfelt plea for society to realize that the superfluous material things that they think they need pale in comparison to the simple needs of air, water, and human kindness. I am proud to be associated with this project."

Van Paul and the Forever Red alternative rock band members include Taylor Van Zant (16 year old singer, guitarist and bass player), Patrick Snape (15 year old guitarist, bass player and back up vocals) and brothers Max (16 year old lead guitarist and pianist) and Nate Konyi (14 year old drummer).

Nate Konyi is the band’s 14 year old drummer who was originally inspired by the bands Rush and Led Zeppelin continues to base most of his drumming on those musicians. Patrick Snape and Taylor Van Zant learned to play guitar and bass together, sharing riffs and techniques as they progressed. Max Konyi found his true passion in guitar and quickly became the band’s lead guitarist and pianist. Max’s influences include musical guitar icons such as Joe Satriani, Jason Becker, Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert and he hopes one day to join the ranks of guitar icon.

Excerpt from "And Air"

"One day when the world shuts down,
I will need a light to see.
When the world gets dark and lonesome,
I will need someone with me.

I need, need, need it all,
To happen the way I want it to.
I need, need water to drink,
And air, and air, and air."

When asked where the profound and relevant lyrics of the song came from, it was a typical teenage response familiar to all parents "I don't know".

To donate and download: http://www.mymunchmusic.com/downloads_VpFReds.htm

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