National Portable Storage Association Goes Web 2.0

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Published: Thu Jun 14 2007

The National Portable Storage Association, or NPSA, is leveraging the popular viral video site YouTube and its Web 2.0 technologies to help educate its members on safety issues related to loading and unloading containerized storage.

YouTube lets people watch and share original videos through a Web experience. The Google-owned property allows people to upload and share video clips on and across the Internet through Web sites, blogs, and e-mail. Now, portable storage operators can glean valuable information from the NPSA's sneak peak by visiting

"Containerized storage may be an industrial business, but we use modern, cutting-edge technologies to help our members learn how to safely load and unload portable storage units," said John Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director of the NPSA, a nonprofit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry. "What we've posted on YouTube is just part of our soon-to-be-released video, but you can begin learning online now through the power of Web 2.0 technologies."

The safety portion of the video clearly illustrates some potential hazards that containerized storage operators should avoid, such as not being fully aware of the area surrounding the container. The video depicts a car pulling up behind a containerized storage driver's trailer. The car parked behind the trailer, but because the driver was busy talking on his cell phone he failed to notice. When he pulled the lever to begin the unloading process, the container demolished the front of the parked vehicle.

The interactive video also features industry leaders, such as Phil Herndon, owner of Container Solutions and 2007 NPSA Chairman of the Board. Herndon encourages operators to follow a set of best practices and makes viewers aware of the fact that local regulations may impact the way business is conducted. The YouTube clip covers tips for using forklifts, explains what drivers should do after the container is safely on the trailer bed, and discusses the benefits of following a step-by-step process for loading and unloading containers.

"Posting our video on YouTube helps us get the information out to our members more quickly, as thousands of the videos are prepared for mass distribution," said NPSA Operations Manager Joel Rathbone. "Although the video covers much more than safety, these clips offer our members a head start that they can view in a convenient setting. That's the power of technology."

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