Don’t Want Another Carpet Sweeper This Year for Christmas?

From: Bragelets
Published: Tue Sep 13 2005

Batavia, IL, September, 2005. Sure, they love you and each year they try their best to find you the perfect gift. But let’s be honest, sometimes they need a little help. Here’s your chance to let your husband, parent, or special someone know exactly what you want. Sign up now for our Bragelet’s Sent-A-Hint feature and get the jewelry you long for at a price you can afford. You simply fill out the "Sent-A-Hint" form online at and your gift selection is e-mailed complete with ordering details.

Bragelets offers the finest in custom made jewelry including Mother’s Bracelets, Birthstone Bracelets, Name Bracelets, Charm Bracelets, plus so many more. Bragelets were designed because Moms Love to Brag. All styles all custom-designed to your unique personality with the finest sterling silver letters, 14K gold-filled beads, and Swarovski crystals.

For your holiday shopping, here are just a few gift giving ideas for all members of your family:

Gifts For Moms, Grandmas, Aunts
Mother’s Bracelets - What a great gift idea for the mom, wife, Grandma or Aunt in your family. Our mother’s bracelets are as special as the names you have chosen for each one of your precious children. See how everyone marvels at the bracelet you wear with your children’s name on it.

Family Birthstone Bragelets®
The perfect solution for moms with large families or Grandmas with lots of grandchildren. Make it a family affair with Mom and Dad’s birthstones on the outside and the children’s name in the middle.

Gifts For Kids & Teens
Just like their Mommy, little girls love jewelry. And what they love even more is seeing their name on it. Bring a smile to her shining face with a special bracelet designed just for her. Better yet, get a matching bracelet to match moms and make it the best holiday yet.

Charm Bracelets
These are HOT, HOT, HOT and back by popular demand. They will delight any age group especially the preteens and teenagers. You’ll find so many great choices to choose from to fit all personalities.

Save your loved ones from wandering the malls at the last minute searching for the perfect gift. Sign up now for "Sent-A-Hint" and let them know exactly what you want this year. Don’t forget to do some shopping at our site too while you’re there for all your gift needs. Bragelets at, E-mail us for a free brochure at

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