The Impact Of Katrina – Finding Hope & Letting Go

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Published: Tue Sep 13 2005

Nashville, TN – September 12, 2005 - For those who have experienced what could be the most traumatic event of their lives, author Darren L. Johnson offers hope and encouragement to enable them to build back their lives. Through his book, Letting Go of Stuff: Powerful Secrets to Simplify Your Life, he offers seven steps for letting go and moving beyond situations. A book that not only will benefit those who have suffered though the trauma of Hurricane Katrina, but also offer the emotional and spiritual support for those thousands of Americans who now must help out their fellow neighbors to get them back to the life they once knew.

Johnson states, "We cannot afford to lose hope. When you plant in your heart the seeds of belief and faith, rather than anger and heartache, it allows for hope to flourish."

Described by its publisher as having "great stories with incredible tools," the book introduces at least two personal development models and discusses seven secrets that, when applied, will allow one to let go and move forward. Johnson, who has a Masters degree in organization development (OD) from American University, has combined philosophy, theory, and proven techniques in this collection of secrets for letting go. His personal struggle in the early 1990’s with the illness and death of his Mother was part of the impetus for writing this book.

According to Johnson, "the effects of Katrina have created major unwanted outcomes, a forced change that will require much time for the directly impacted citizens to rebuild their lives. It is important for all of us to have hope."

Zig Ziglar writes that hope is the fundamental quality for all change. Johnson says, "in addition to hope and before you can move beyond the impact of any experience or situation, you must begin to examine and change your thought patterns." This is part of one of the secrets to letting go discussed in his book.

As a successful Nashville radio talk show host in the mid 90’s, Johnson was known as the "Letting Go Doctor." As the letting go doctor, he helps others learn how to let go in any situation, habit, or relationship. Anyone can get this FREE help by going to the publisher’s website .

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