Los Angeles Spanish Translation Company Opens

From: Affinity Spanish
Published: Sun Jun 17 2007

Affinity Spanish Language Solutions today announced the availability of Spanish translation and language based solutions for the Los Angeles area effective June of 2007. The company provides language and business support to people and organizations having a need to communicate or do business with the Spanish speaking population in the US and Latin America.

The availability of services in Los Angeles comes at a time as the US national debate on immigration continues, with much of the focus on Spanish speaking immigrants. The Latin American countries of Peru, Panama and Colombia are at varying stages of negotiating and consummating trade agreements with the US. Popular culture has seen a marked rise in Spanish language influence including Spanish versions of many English language websites, and children's television programs such as 'Dora the Explorer' and others. The economic, societal, and other common interests of the Spanish and English speaking populations of the Western Hemisphere are perhaps at all-time high levels.

According to Affinity Spanish director Ron McCoy, "Fundamentally our mission is to help minimize the potential barriers of language and culture to support dialogue and communication between the English and Spanish speaking populations of the Americas." In addition to professional translation and interpretation services, the company functions as an integrator of language, business and other skill sets to deliver more complete solutions to defined problems. Additional information about the company is available at www.affinityspanish.com.

About Affinity Spanish
Affinity Spanish Language Solutions is a leading Spanish language services company. Affinity Spanish helps people and organizations communicate and do business with the Spanish speaking population in the US and Latin America. Language services include Spanish translation, Spanish interpretation, and a range of business solutions involving Spanish language skills. Additional information is available at www.affinityspanish.com.

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