Karputer Launches ICEPAC2 – A More Compact, Faster-Reacting In-Car Computer

From: Karputer
Published: Wed Sep 14 2005

September 14, 2005 - Karputer, the UK specialist in advanced in-car systems, has launched ICEPAC2, its next-generation full function in-car computer and entertainment system. ICEPAC2’s new features include PlayNOW Bios giving a wake-up time of two seconds, a fully motorised pop-out screen and a sleeker, more compact form.

Half the size of a standard DIN slot, the ICEPAC2 unit fits into any car, van or motorhome. The unit’s seven inch XGA motorised touchscreen LCD display is fully in-dash and provides a simple interface for safe, one-touch access to key functions. The unit is also supplied with a compact wireless keyboard and mouse for more conventional use when the vehicle is stopped.

ICEPAC2 features PlayNOW BIOS – meaning the unit wakes up in just two seconds, giving users instant access to in-car entertainment such as CD and DVD playback, without the need to load the Windows XP operating system. Containing a 1GHz processor, the unit can store four weeks of MP3s on its hard drive, as well as its GPS, multimedia and office application software.

The ICEPAC2 can run any office application, navigation tool or game software that operates on a desktop or portable PC, offering complete infotainment technology. The driver has access to voice-guided GPS/DVD satellite navigation, whilst passengers can access games, films and music on multiple screens.

The unit is also supplied with a Wi-Fi card, enabling Internet access through WiFi hotspots, giving users full remote access capability to home or office email and other applications. Internet access is also available via 3G phones with ICEPAC2’s Bluetooth support.

Mat Thornhill, Director at Karputer, said: "ICEPAC2 combines powerful business functionality with state of the art entertainment facilities. The result is a next-generation in-car computing and entertainment system, which delivers advanced satellite navigation, business functions and multimedia entertainment.

"A ruggedised, in-dash Windows PC, the ICEPAC2 delivers IT and entertainment on wheels - a mobile office, Internet café, cinema or games arcade - wherever you are."

Prices for the ICEPAC2 start from £1689 for the basic unit with a standard touchscreen, to £2,030 for the Ultimedia, which comes complete with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, multimedia and office functions and a motorised LCD touchscreen.

ICEPAC2 units are available from Karputer’s UK-wide dealer network: visit www.karputer.co.uk for details.

About ICEPAC - In Car Entertainment Personal Automobile Computer
ICEPAC has a 1GHz VIA processor, 256MB RAM, 40GB HDD, DVD / CD-RW drive. It is supplied complete with 7" XGA touchscreen LCD display, electro-luminescent wireless keyboard & mouse and FM radio tuner.

The ICEPAC2 is supplied pre-installed with Windows XP Home Edition, and is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP Pro and Linux applications.

ICEPAC2 fits the standard DIN bay in most vehicles, and is supplied with Karputer’s specially developed failsafe power supply, which operates from any 12V DC power source. As well as protecting against the voltage fluctuations experienced in cars, this unit also features an integrated stereo amplifier to give CD, DVD and MP3 playback over the car’s integral speaker system.
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