Quantify Principal Consultant enrols as Blood Platelet Donor

From: Quantify
Published: Tue Jun 19 2007

After giving 40 ‘ordinary’ blood donations over the years, David was recently asked to volunteer for a special programme of platelet donations and, after checking his platelet level, the Platelet Donor unit at Tooting has enrolled him as a platelet donor.

Platelets are essential to stop bleeding and bruising.

They are tiny fragments of cells made in the bone marrow and released into the blood stream in the same way as red blood cells. If a blood vessel is damaged, platelets will become 'glued' together at the site of the damage to form a platelet plug.

Most platelet donations are given to patients who are unable to make enough platelets in their bone marrow. For example, patients with leukaemia or other cancers may have too few platelets as the result of their disease or treatment.

As a platelet donor, David will be giving platelets once a month, instead of the ‘regular’ blood donor pattern of three donations a year. This is because the platelet donation process separates the platelets from the blood and returns the rest to the donor, allowing more frequent visits.

Each donation will take up to 90 minutes instead of the ten minutes for a regular donation.

Since David’s organisation, Quantify, conducts Employee Satisfaction Surveys, 360° Feedback and Customer Satisfaction Surveys - all designed to provide organisations with information about how people feel – he believes that it is an appropriate expression of Quantify’s social responsibility that its Principal Consultant should be contributing to society in this way.

"I was given a silver award for 25 donations a few years ago." said David. "At this rate, I shall be getting the gold award for 50 donations sooner than I had thought. All I need now is an anorak to wear it on!"

You can enrol as a blood donor by walking into any blood donor session, or by calling the National Blood Service on 0845 7 711 711. Its web site is at http://www.blood.co.uk

Details of platelet donation are available at: http://www.blood.co.uk/pages/platelets.html


Notes for Editors

There is a picture available on request, of David Lusty, Principal Consultant with survey research specialists Quantify, having blood samples taken to assess his suitability as a blood platelet donor. To request this picture, contact Bob Little Press & PR (tel 01727 860405).

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Quantify’s founder and principal consultant, David Lusty MCIPD MMS(Dip) MIMC CMC, worked in local authorities for 11 years, in management services and latterly in personnel management. He joined Avis Rent a Car Ltd in 1978, and stayed 12 years, 10 as head of the UK personnel department. He was Director of Personnel and Management Services when he left Avis in 1990 and founded Quantify.

Governed by the codes of professional conduct of the Institute of Management Consultancy and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Quantify operates to the highest ethical and professional standards.

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