Actual Title Buttons 3.7 extends window manipulationg capabilities by means of adding new buttons to

From: Actual Tools
Published: Thu Sep 15 2005

Actual Tools announces Actual Title Buttons 3.7

For immediate release

September 15, 2005

Contact: Michael Tretyakov
Company: Actual Tools

Extended window manipulation capabilities by means of adding new buttons to a window caption.

Actual Tools, the world's leading innovator in desktop enhancement technologies, today announced the release of version 3.7 of Actual Title Buttons. Designed for Windows platforms, the application enhances their window navigation system with such breakthrough controls as Minimize to Tray, Roll Up, Stay on Top, Align Window, Make Transparent and over handy functions.

The new window controls seamlessly integrate into the shell and can be triggered via corresponding Windows-style buttons that sit on a window title bar next to standard Minimize/Restore/Close buttons. Besides activating new controls with mouse clicks, version 3.7 allows controlling window behavior by means of keystroke combinations, the standard language of millions of IT professionals.

Besides on-the-fly window transparency control and window roll-up \ unroll features, Actual Title Buttons allows you to minimize any window to system tray notification area instead of Taskbar, so that it makes Taskbar less cluttered, and keep any window on top of others, so that the most important windows are always accessible and couldn't be hidden by other windows.

Actual Title Buttons is intended both for home and corporate users who would like to optimize common windows management activities by utilizing hidden power of modern operating systems with just one mouse-click. This extremely easy-to-use application features native operating system style windows buttons interface to allow on-the-go windows placement, size and transparency control via intuitive graphical buttons located in the title area of a window.

"Everyone who have ever seen Microsoft Windows probably knows what minimize, maximize and close buttons in the title bar are intended for," - said Michael Tretyakov, CEO of Actual Tools. "However, many computer users have yet to discover how many other things can be done with any window they use just to turn an average cluttered desktop into a neat looking workspace environment. Creators of Windows have placed a vast potential of functionality into such a simple thing as window; creating the most convenient way to utilize this power was our goal."

Actual Tools' team offers 7 handy functions that can now be accessed with hotkeys. According to Michael Tretyakov, "The latest version of Actual Title Buttons is our next step to make the product more flexible and easy to use for power users. They won't have to modify their computer operating habits because the new product has perfectly mastered the language of hotkeys they use".

Actual Title Buttons runs under 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, costs $19.95(US), and may be purchased securely online at

About Actual Tools

Founded in 2001, Actual Tools Software Company mainly concentrates on enhancing currently available Windows operating systems interfaces and providing expanded functionality to commonly used shell resources. Actual Tools mission is to provide end users of virtually any level of computer skills with adequate software understanding and utilization concepts. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Actual Tools offers its customers better ways of using the wheel for their own computing pleasure and comfort. Actual Tools product range has power solutions for both individuals and corporate customers.

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