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From: Aruntx Newswire
Published: Thu Sep 15 2005

New York, NY September 15, 2005 -- (Aruntx Newswire)

Aruntx Publishing Company, a Microsoft Solution Provider, has announced the Aruntx Plunkanello Robot/Preceptorial Consortium Intelligence Agent which has been busying roaming the internet for a number of months this past summer. The Aruntx Plunkanello Search Engine has developed an array of exclusive, interesting free entertainment podcasting content for distribution to select wireless telephone companies, in a move to enhance the quality of handset immediate demand-per-transaction entertainment, with multi-lingual translation and viewing. Visit

The Aruntx Newswire Podcasting Syndication Network, ISSN:1553-7838, is the oldest commercial podcast distribution service in the world. Aruntx Publishing Company, New York NY, produces and distributes public distribution podcasts and private podcast productions for corporate distribution across private internal institutional intranets. The Aruntx Newswire iPodcasting Radio Show Syndication Network content is available with or without software, via. opt-in email delivery with additional distribution on iTunes, MY YAHOO, MY VERIZON, and MY MSN. Aruntx Podcast Syndication continues to embrace a loyal, diverse, international audience from United States, China, France, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. You may listen to the radio show syndication on an iPod, BMW iPOD automotive audio, Treo, MP3 Device, Mobile Phone, your computer, laptop or SkyDigital. ###

About Aruntx Publishing:
Aruntx Publishing Company is the country's leading cultural news source. The Aruntx Publishing properties include the online publication Environmental News, Cultural News, Publishing Industry Review, a line of annual preview magazines, cultural licensing ventures, book publishing, software, radio show, podcasting and Aruntx.US a premiere showcase shopping site.

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