Tempe, Arizona: Media Outlets Growing in Arizona

From: FinderBinder
Published: Thu Sep 15 2005

More media outlets opened in Arizona during the past year than previous years according to the FinderBinder®, Media Directory.

Published by the Rita Sanders Public Relations and Advertising Agency of Tempe, the unique media reference work includes 608 television and radio stations, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines, educational and cable broadcast stations plus wire services.

"That’s 58 more than last year," said Sanders. "When we put the 2006 FinderBinder® together, we found out we had to delete 10 media outlets that were no longer in business, but on the other hand we added 48. For the past several years, growth has been stagnant, same number declined as new arrived."
The 2006 edition will be available October 1, 2005 and according to Sanders, the latest FinderBinder®, includes 46 television stations, 150 radio stations and 412 print publications throughout the state, including national publications headquartered in Arizona.

Sanders, who has published the media directory since 1979 said, "The growth is in the print publications. The variety is endless, there is something for everyone."

Available in print and online, the FinderBinder® is designed to serve advertising and public relations firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations and corporations that need a quick and easy way to contact the news media or advertising representatives.

"And since both editors and advertising representatives have a tendency to change quite often, we produce a monthly update to keep the FinderBinder® buyers up to date on who’s who and where," added Sanders.

"Our electronic version is updated daily online."

Both print and online versions contain each media outlet’s contact names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses for editors, reporters and advertising personnel.

FinderbBinder® subscribers will find media outlets listed from A to Y (there are none listed that start with Z), beginning with AAA Arizona Highroads Magazine and ending with Yuma Business Journal.
"What makes the FinderBinder® unique and useful is that the data is so fresh," said Sanders.

A long time user, Alison Bendler, Public Relations Director of Basha’s marketing department said, "I really like the updates to the Finder Binder Web site. Searching the database is very straightforward. It's so quick and easy to find just the right the media contacts! It's great to have access to up-to-date information. Thanks for your help."

The annual cost for a FinderBinder®, which includes 11 months of newsletters and a compact three-ring binder with tabbed dividers, is $293.49. The printed directory plus the online version is available for $423.21. The online version by itself costs $520.56.

"These prices are even lower than last year," Sanders added.

FinderBinder® Editor Jennifer McElyea said it is beneficial for subscribers to have both hard copy and electronic versions. She said, "The book is a quick reference while online speeds up the building of lists, faxing and electronic distribution of the news."

For more information, visit www.finderbinderaz.com or call 480-967-8714.
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