Physician Authors Intriguing Novel AMBITION! Be Careful What You Ask For

Published: Fri Sep 16 2005

Johnathan M. Isom, is a successful anesthesiologist in Memphis, Tennessee and author of the recently released novel AMBITION! Be Careful What You Ask For. The doctor has emerged as an author of suspense drama joining the elite group of professionals turned authors like, John Grisham, Pamela Thomas-Graham, Robin Cook and Kathy Reichs, who use their professional expertise as a resource that provides a rich textured backdrop for the drama suspense thrillers they write.

Johnathan’s medical background roots his work in the authenticity of the world of medicine. His exciting writing style creates an ambiance of dramatic tension and excitement that peeks the interest of those who read suspense drama, mysteries and thrillers in the tradition of Thomas Harris, Mary Higgins Clark, Dick Francis, and Walter Mosley. Johnathan Isom will do for medicine what John Grisham has done for the practice of law, what Kathy Reichs has done for forensic anthropology and Pamela Thomas-Graham has done for academia.

The doctor boldly shows off his intimate insight and understanding of women through the main character, Melanie Walker, a young investment banker. While Dr. Stenson Hawk weaves his knowledge of medicine throughout the texture of the story, it is ever so sensitively communicated in a way that the layperson finds palatable and interesting. Together these two characters with a host of others will take you on an adventure that will have you turning the pages out of pure curiosity and deliberate intent to keep you wondering. What is going to happen to Melanie whose reckless ambition puts her in the company of Francoise Baptise, major player in the world of high finance? Why is Melanie invited to play their game, which involves her in a web of payback and revenge? If she does what she is instructed to do her rewards will transform her life forever. But if she fails, her life and the lives of those close to her are at risk.

Stenson and Melanie find themselves unexpectedly partnered with private investigator Mickey Stone as their worlds collide sending them on a relentlessly terrifying chase. When you relax with this book you had better hold on to your seat because it will have you spinning as you enter the world of medicine, finance, high tech, glamour, sex and politics. This book has included it all while its style of writing has remained tasteful and refreshing. Wow! How the doctor managed to pull it off is amazing. The good news is that readers have a book that offers a good solid story, which allows them to sit down, lay back and enjoy whether they are at home, on a plane or metro train.

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