OSEO anvar to support Sensitive Object

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Published: Fri Sep 16 2005

Paris – Sensitive Object™ (www.sensitive-object.com), announces OSEO Anvar’s support. OSEO anvar has decided to allocate 450.000 € to the ReverSysTM company ito accelerate the development of the company’s products.

Created in 2003 by a team from the CNRS and the University of Paris 7, Sensitive ObjectTM has developed an original and innovative technology that should very quickly improve our comfort using a natural sense, the sense of the touch.

A lamp which answers a table, a television which obeys an armchair and here we have it, our furniture become communicative. A simple "tap" on a hard surface and our every day objects take life to put information at our fingertips... Many other man-machine interface (MMI) examples are available thanks to ReverSysTM., the technology based on the temporal reversal of acoustic waves, developed by Sensitive Object TM.

"Sensitive Object TM is clearly a strong potential project, based on a breakthrough technology, and high scientific level. Our analysis highlighted important assets in terms of management and of intellectual property. The company should reach a good positioning on future markets" declares Genevieve Gelly, Regional director, OSEO anvar.

Hubert Cospain, CEO of Sensitive Object adds "In less than 2 years, Sensitive Object gained substantial successes, in particular with the arrival of Sofinnova Partners in our capital and the passage of our technology in phase of product development. It remains to us that there are still obstacles to be crossed before seeing our products exposed, but I am happy to note that our technology is recognized right now" This announcement, which intervenes at the same time as the appointment of Herve Praud (Directing Industrialist), the moving to Boulogne and the setting of the new Web site of Sensitive ObjectTM confirms the dynamism of the company, and its will of passing from a laboratory project to an enterprise.

About OSEO anvar
OSEO anvar is an Epic (Publicly-owned commercial and industrial establishment), decentralized (25 regional delegations) and placed under the supervision of the Ministry for the Economy, Finances and Industry (Minéfi) - in particular, the ministry delegated to Industry and the ministry delegated to SME - and of the ministry delegated to Research. Its principal mission is to support the innovating effort of company creators, SME-SME and laboratories research, in particular by sharing inherent financial risks with the technology transfer, with the development of a product, process or new service, with technological component. Since January 2005, Anvar forms part of the OSÉO group, next to the BDPME. It preserves its missions and traditional modes of intervention. In addition it develops new products and services for innovating SME.

About Sensitive Object
Sensitive ObjectTM attempts to make interactive the every day objects thanks to an original acoustic technology based on the principle of the temporal reversal of acoustic waves (ReverSysTM).
The company proposes man-machine interfaces (IHM) particularly innovating which use the sense of the touch and adapts to all forms of electric drives or electronic (switches, pushbuttons, keyboard keys, panel controls...). Efforts of important R&D are implemented to keep a high technology level and so the company markets its technology around the whole world. Sensitive ObjectTM is based in Boulogne (92).

Press Contact:
Isabelle Jourdain
Phone : 33 (0)157 639 639 / 33 6 87 71 20 95
email : isabelle.jourdain@sensitive-object.com

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