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From: Direct Solutions
Published: Mon Sep 19 2005

The Internet has grown at an astounding rate, but has been established long enough for trends to emerge and be analyzed. One important trend that Webmasters and marketers can rely on is the Internet usage raises dramatically as fall approaches in the Northern Hemisphere. Another statistical fact is the amount of new web sites being introduced across the Internet is also growing an astonishing rate.

"If you build it, they will come." Does not hold true across the Internet. In the wake of the Dot Com boom, many web sites have disappeared, lost forever in the cyber graveyard. Many of the sites to disappear lacked the key ingredient to make their claim to fame of an successful web site.

The key ingredient being -- visitors!

The need for traffic has created a burst of traffic generating resource programs across the net. Many of these resources are free to join, and cost you nothing but time to generate traffic back to your site of choice.

Such a burst of thousands of various hit pumping programs can lead the newcomer to a quick injection of information overload, and often the unprepared traffic seeker is bombarded with e-mails, spends countless hours testing, trying, and clicking, and often loses interest when results are less than expected.

This does not mean free traffic generating resources don't work. Just as in any industry you will find that some programs are much more useful than others, and different programs are better for different jobs.

As this new season roles in with its waves of marketing hungry surfers, MasterAdvertising has started a project that will benefit program owners and seekers alike.

For the program owner, they can add their resource to the directory for analysis. The admin team at MasterAdvertising briefly researches to make sure the program is valid in its claims of "free advertising opportunity" and then lists the program for open discussion to the traffic seekers who visit the directory.

Visitors are encouraged to try the resource, rate the resource, and leave comments for other visitors to read.

MasterAdvertising's outlook of the free traffic generating resources is one of social responsibility.

"We are on a mission to find the best and weed out the rest -- there are too many people getting burnt, and our directory aims to make a difference!" Says founding administrator Dawn Wentworth.

The directory is open to the public, free of charge, and ready to take program submissions at

MasterAdvertising has been online sense 2002 working with various traffic generation strategy programs, and enthusiastically researching Internet marketing trends.
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