Aspenbloom Pet Care Hosts Online Conference for The Bella Moss Foundation

From: Aspenbloom
Published: Mon Sep 19 2005

ALBUQUERQUE, NM September 17, 2005 – Kim Bloomer, owner of Aspenbloom Pet Care, recently named USA representative of the Bella Moss Foundation ( is hosting the foundation's upcoming online conference on September 24, 2005 at 1PM EST on MRSA in pets using VoIP conferencing technology.

This online conference is open to the public to attend and learn more about how to prevent MRSA in pets. The Bella Moss Foundation was instituted after UK actress, Jill Moss, lost her beloved dog Bella to MRSA during a routine surgery in a veterinary hospital in August 2004.

"Jill contacted me through my RSS channel, Bark 'N' Blog alerting me about MRSA in pets –something I was unaware of even though I knew that staph infections abounded in human hospitals" stated Bloomer, "it was Jill's heartache and the story of her relationship with her dog that really got me interested in being involved in helping her in her mission." Jill Moss' mission is to have simple changes instituted in all veterinary hospitals that will prevent infections such as MRSA from occurring and other pet owners from losing their pets as she lost Bella along with furthering research and education on MRSA and other infectious diseases in pets.

MRSA is a dangerous pathogen once it has gotten through the normal defenses of a pet's body. If the immune system is weakened such as during surgery, the infection has a very good chance of invading and taking over the body fatally. With some minor changes in veterinary protocol and for pet owners to be alerted to the facts and also natural preventions they can do to strengthen their pets' immune system, MRSA could effectively be controlled.

Jill Moss and a couple of experts from the UK along with veterinarians from the USA will be in attendance to work together at bringing a solution. The public and those in the pet care industry are invited to attend to dialog on solutions and to be informed to the dangers of MRSA and what can be done to prevent it in companion animals. To attend this conference use this link This conference is taking place during the virtual expo of Dog World September 24, 1PM EST. For questions or to find out more contact Kim Bloomer at

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