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Published: Mon Sep 19 2005

Who is protecting your child from Internet predators, pedophiles, cyber stalkers and online sex offenders when you are not there? Who makes sure that your child turns the computer off at some point and plays with something else? Child Control 2005 is an easy way to fine tune the protection according to your child’s age.

Today's high-tech porn-pushers are more aggressive than ever before. Thankfully, with the right parental control tools you can protect your children from offensive material. The most common protection tool is filtering software, which filters out profanity and specific types of Web content—such as nudity and violence—while blocking content in other applications, like e-mail and Messenger clients.

Software developer has specialized in Access Control and Child Protection since 1998, integrating the latest information and technology into new releases every year. Managing Director Dierk Salfeld claims that the latest release of Child Control 2005 provides the most advanced parental control on the market. You can set individual profiles for your child, allowing older siblings wider access than the little ones. To ensure that parents are not outsmartened by their PC literate offspring, parents can define individual access profiles easily with only a few mouse clicks as an administrator.

Child Control is not just about the protection against offensive material but also helps to teach and control the responsible use of computers through time management and control. How many hours does your child spend on the computer, how many surfing the web? Child Control 2005 allows you to define how long your child is allowed on the computer or on the internet on a given day and helps to enforce the limits set. The software even produces a report of how long the machine is running and can email the report to you. As this report can include the internet sites visited or applications used it is of great help for working parents.

The application is easy to configure, you can choose all rules and settings with a few mouse clicks. The settings not only allow to apply time limits but also define the times of the day or week when children are allowed to use the PC or internet. Access to websites can also be limited by keyword, if a keyword from your list is on the site the browser will not load it. Therefore Child Control not only provides parental control over explicit sites but also allows parents to foster their offspring with respect for their political or religious inclination.

The access to software applications can be defined individually. The software also allows to set a time limit on each individual EXE-file (game or program). This helps avoiding excesses and addiction. Limiting the access to system settings through Child Control prevents that the little ones delete programs or change Windows’ settings. Some experienced parents only allow their children access to systems where the settings and programs are protected by Child Control.

According to the feedback from many parents collected by the developer, Child Control is much easier to implement than any other form of parental control or house rules. Child Control 2005 helps to implement and apply strict rules automatically and is therefore a useful auxiliary tool in the education of even the most rebellious young computer users.

Managing Director Dierk Salfeld said: "In many cases children know more about computers than their parents. That is why we put great emphasis on the access control security. Child Control 2005 is well equipped against youngsters trying to hack their way into or around the application."

Child Control 2005 offers many new features. The export and import function allows to transfer the keywords and settings from one PC to another one. Child Control 2005 now also indicates the child’s time account, displaying the amount of time left on the PC. Children will also appreciate the fact that the timer deactivates if the computer is inactive. When the screen saver kicks in at dinner time, the child does not loose any minutes of its time account. Instead of turning the device off the software can be set to limit the applications that can be used after the time account has been consumed. During the holidays a mouse click by the parents increases the time limits to give the kids more time to play.

The software runs on all Windows computers. You can download Child Control 2005 (3.7 MB) and use it during 30 days for free before you buy. The single user version costs only US$29.90 (EU€29.90) and the multi-user license for up to five PCs costs US$59.90 (EU€59.90). Schools can take advantage of the 20 user license at US$99.90 (EU€99.90).

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