23-29 May 2005 National Vegetarian Week

From: The Vegetarian Society
Published: Wed Mar 09 2005

He might have a twinkle in his eye, but comedian Dave Spikey isn’t joking when he says: "Keeping it up is easy when you know how, I’ve been at it for years!"

Could this be the secret of his long and happy marriage? Well, there’s no doubt about it, Dave is the kind of guy who, once committed, likes to go the whole hog – even if it means giving up eating them. Dave is the ‘face’ of National Vegetarian Week 2005, and will be appearing on leaflets all over the country raising his courgette proudly as he encourages men to go veggie for the week.

The campaign challenges the perception that ‘real’ men aren’t satisfied - or able to satisfy - on a vegetarian diet, and for those who feel limp at the prospect of lettuce and lentils, it features a substantial All Day Breakfast Baguette that should go a long way to ‘stiffen resolve’. For added stimulation you can also visit www.rudefood.org for some serious food porn, that won’t disappoint.

You never know, getting some veg-fuelled staying power could land you a vegetarian babe like Caprice, Alicia Silverstone or Natalie Portman!

Notes for editors

• Dave Spikey pics and All Day Breakfast Baguette recipe & pics available from The Vegetarian Society. Please contact Kerry Bennett in the Press Office on 0161 925 2012, kerry@vegsoc.org. Out of hours: 07973 108 165/7

• National Vegetarian Week 2005 is sponsored by Quorn - it might just surprise you!

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