Munch Music Presents Double Shot of Rock on Saturday September 24th – ‘Chemical Dream’ and ‘Van Paul

From: Munch Music
Published: Mon Sep 19 2005

Munch Music Presents Double Shot of Rock on Saturday September 24th – ‘Chemical Dream’ and ‘Van Paul and the Forever Reds’
Two local Tsawwassen bands perform back to back rock shows – both bands currently working on recording CDs at Munch Music Recording Facility.
Munch Music Delta, B.C., September 19, 2005 - Munch Music, Inc. - and, Delta’s premiere live venue and digital recording facility is very proud to present two live performances this Saturday September 24th, by the local Tsawwassen bands, ‘Chemical Dream" and ‘Van Paul and the Forever Reds’. Munch Music features live Rock & Roll performances every Friday and Saturday night.
On Saturday September 24th at 7:30pm, the band ‘Van Paul and the Forever Reds’ (VPATFR) will be opening the double shot of live rock at Munch Music. VPATFR recently completed the recording of their first single, entitled, "And Air" the proceeds of which they have donated to the Red Cross and the survivors of Hurricane Katrina (click here for more information and download location for the song, "And Air" - The Red’s sound is a mixture of powerful lyrics, catchy melodies and rocking musical talent that the band refers to as a meeting place between classic and new rock.
VPATFR consist of Munch Music’s founder and President, Taylor Vant on vocals, guitar and bass, Patrick Snape on guitar and bass, Max Konyi on lead guitar and Nate Konyi on percussion.
Chemical Dream are following up their very successful recent slots as headliners and opening band (for the band LTG) at Munch Music, with an encore performance of the songs that will ultimately make up their debut CD which they are currently recording at Munch Music’s digital recording facility. Chemical Dream consists of John Simpson on guitar, Alex Won on guitar, Doug Bourks on bass, and Connor McIlvenna on percussion. The Dream’s music is a very hooky mixture of riff based classic rock with melodic guitar melodies and instantly accessible songwriting talent.
Both Chemical Dream and VPATFR performed this past Sunday at the Terry Fox Run fundraiser at the South Delta Recreation Center. Tickets for this gig are $5 and are available through Munch Music - avoid disappointment on the night and book your tickets early.
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