New Featured Company: AskMeNow, Provider of a Wireless Search Engine

Published: Tue Sep 20 2005 New Featured Company: AskMeNow, Provider of a Wireless Search Engine Application

Mobile Device Application Provides Specialty Search Engine Results via SMS and E-mail for Information On-the-Go

POINT ROBERTS, WA, September 19th, 2005 – (ISES), an investor news portal for the search engine sector, and (IIW), a portal dedicated to investor information on the wireless industry, are pleased to announce the addition of AskMeNow (OTCBB: OWHC -InfoByPhone Corp. d.b.a. AskMeNow, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ocean West Holding Corp.), a wireless search solution, as a new Featured Company.

As a unique wireless search application that allows users to ask questions using a toll free number or a downloadable application, AskMeNow has generated considerable media coverage from news and publications such as, USA Today, MSNBC, Pocket PC Magazine, among others –

The Company, which poses the question – "What do you want to know?" is positioning itself to take advantage of the competitive and evolving search engine arena with their wireless solution. With both Google and Yahoo moving in unique directions exemplified through their pursuit of specialty search engine formats, the search sector is expanding as it continues to reinvent itself.

AskMeNow has the capability to answer information-based questions covering areas such as: current news & events, sports info, historical statistics, weather, entertainment, stock quotes, market data, driving directions, flight status and schedules, emergency disaster information, comparison shopping, restaurant information & reservations, directory assistance, random trivia etc.

The AskMeNow application for mobile devices is free and obtainable via download. Searches can be conducted using formatted questions or a user may take advantage of the Company’s AskAnythingä feature, which allows for free-form question formats for a small per use fee.

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AskMeNow (OTCBB: OWHC) is a revolutionary new service that can answer any question you have, anywhere, anytime. Use your cell phone or BlackBerry® handheld to ask a question—through e-mail or a simple phone call—and the answer is promptly sent back to your handheld device via text message or e-mail. You can use it to manage your time and effort efficiently. Tend to other tasks and avoid the headaches of Internet search engines or waiting on hold for an operator while AskMeNow finds the information you need. InfoByPhone Corp. d.b.a. AskMeNow, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ocean West Holding Corp.

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