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Published: Tue Sep 20 2005

Exclusive Interview with M Klarfeld by The Book Of THoTH

Marshall Klarfeldís groundbreaking new book, "ADAM, THE MISSING LINK," blows the lid off a closely-held package of historical and scientific facts proving that the human race was created by genetic engineering technology nearly a quarter of a million years ago.

"This is the biggest news story of the century," says Klarfeld, an engineer-turned-investigative researcher. "Once the public has seen the facts they canít help but accept our history as descendants of extraterrestrial visitors. The evidence is overwhelming and irrefutable."

"ADAM, THE MISSING LINK" tells of mankindís creation by an extraordinary species that occupied planet Earth 450,000 years ago. The book is complete with 145 photographs of the symbols and accomplishments of this highly advanced civilization, that makes Klarfeldís new book a spellbinding and ultimately convincing account of non-fiction. "The artifacts left on earth are convincing evidence of this enormously intelligent species and their many accomplishments," says Klarfeld. "And mankind is their greatest creation."


As an undergraduate student at CALTECH in the late 1940ís, Marshall was fascinated by the advanced scientific knowledge found in the Bibleís story of creation. Genesis describes the creation of our solar system as occurring in a 6 "day" time frame.

His question was, how did this 5,000 year old Bible description of the birth of our solar system disclose the advanced scientific information (the ignition of our Sun occurs at the 4th "day", in a 6 "day" creation process), thousands of years before we discovered it?

Uncertain how to unravel this puzzle, he questioned his Nobel laureate professors, Linus Pauling and Richard Feynman. Their powerful answers stayed with him for decades and inspired him to pursue the knowledge that he is now able to share with the readers of "Adam, The Missing Link.

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The Book-Of-THoTH Interview:

THoTH: Thank you Marshall for taking the time to speak with us here at When was the moment you realized that a connection was present between the development of the human species and alien intervention? Or was it actually intervention?

Marshall: I first learned of our connection and development by extraterrestrials when I began reading Zecharia Sitchinís books. That was about 8 years ago. I set out to prove to myself that Sitchinís theory was correct. My book "ADAM, The Missing Link" is the result of my research which proved to me that this is a valid theory of Mankindís creation.

THoTH: With your timeline of 450,000 years for the existence of a species habitating Earth, and with your hypothesis that this species created or modified the human species, what is the most common argument you hear against your hypothesis?

Marshall: Most people are totally unfamiliar with the Sumerian Civilization and their Kings List. People with open minds will listen and become believers. Those who are buried in the traditional science trap, just say it isnít so.

THoTH: On our forum you stated:

There is no credible explanation of scores of archeological discoveries, other than extraterrestrials visited and took up residence on earth 450,000 years ago.

Do you have one specific piece of evidence in your research that you feel is irrefutable in that extraterrestrials were responsible for such creations as the construction at Baalbek?

Marshall: Baalbek is just one of 14 other examples that our featured in my book. It is probably the least known structure of a group that when all the dots are connected create the irrefutable evidence. My favorite is cylinder seal VA/243 which is I believe a self portrait of the Anunnaki leaders, and contains a depiction of our solar system with their home planet included. This seal is 4500 years old and we still arenít sure how it was created.

THoTH: What is the correlation, in your opinion, between God and the extraterrestrials?

Marshall: Good question. My research has revealed that the ETís (Anunnaki) had their own deity, called "The Creator of All". They received dream messages that they followed exactly.

The 11th Tablet of the "Epic of Gilgamesh" relates the secret story that has been kept from humanity during the Great Flood. In it the message from the "Creator of All" caused the outcome of Noahís story. My web page has a CD (movie like) version of this story.

THoTH: Would you share with us the evidence that shows the Sumerians were given the Epic of Gilgamesh by the Anunnaki.

Marshall: There are 5 major parts of Gilgamesh that I believe were made part of this story to transmit information about the Anunnaki to future generations. Making an adult clone (Enkidu) of King Gilgamesh tells us they knew how to use DNA.

The Kings subjects plead with the Anunnaki for helpÖthere was interface long ago when the Anunnaki interacted with mankind. The Great Flood story tells us of our destiny. Ishtar traveling back and forth into space reveals the Anunnakiís technology. The "Bull of Heaven" also reveals the power of their weapons.

THoTH: You recently stated on coasttocoastam with George Noory that the extraterrestrials only modified our DNA to a certain point, your stated they wanted us to "learn", and now we are starting the process, why is it important for us to "learn"?

Marshall: Iím not sure that I said "learn", but we were originally created as primitive workers. As such it was only necessary that they could communicate with us and that they were dominate and we would obey. The long life conversion was only given to a select few. As we have evolved our math skills have improved and we are moving along toward our full Space Age.

THoTH: Do you think that It could have been possible that we, the human species of earth, were actually a superior species and the extraterrestrials modified us to stop us from being a superior species and in the long term, becoming an even more advanced species?

Marshall: NO.

THoTH: You have stated that the extraterrestrials only got their modification process correct when they started using clay vessels instead of crystal vessels to work with the DNA mixture, did you reach this conclusion from Zacharia Stichenís interpretations of the Sumerian writing, pictographic writing, and the later form of Sumerian writing which was a type of cuneiform, or is there another source of information that you have found to verify your conclusion on the modification process?

Marshall: Zecharia has told me that he found this particular translation very interesting. He also reported that he has read current literature the supports this type of beaker in our DNA research.

THoTH: It is obvious that modification of the human species through DNA manipulations will occur, in some sense it seems almost a natural progression, do you expect the same "learning curve" that you say the extraterrestrials went through to happen with what we do?

Marshall: It is already happening in the fields of animal and plant DNA manipulation. I am fairly certain that it will also happen as we progress in the field of human genetic engineering.

THoTH: Could you share the world that Marshall Klarfeld seeís as the world would be 100 years from now?

Marshall: In 50 years we will have perfected genetic engineering. Life as we know it today will be as different for those how are alive in 2105 as it was from the past 1000 years. My concern is that we must politically find solutions to the spread of weapons of mass destruction, before we will be able to look forward with certainty to the next 100years.

THoTH: Are you aware of the Digital Hammurabi project, and itís aims to retranslate a lot of the cuneiform artifacts? Do you think this may provide further clues ?

Marshall: On page iv of my book I show a very clear resolution of this Digital Hammurabi process as it relates to giving a very clear presentation of cuneiform writing. This new process should make it easier for those scholars who can read these ancient texts to check their original translations. As to whether any new clues will be forth coming, I am one who is always on the look out for those and hopefully something new may appear.

THoTH: Do you see any correlation between the Nephilim of the Bible and the Annunaki as some have suggested?

Marshall: I feel the Biblical scholars had full access to the cuneiform libraries of the region. Much of what appears in the Bible can be traced to cuneiform writings.

THoTH: Have you any plans for further work regarding the Sumerians and the Annunaki?

Marshall: New research is always going forward.

THoTH: What brought you to The Book of THoTH ?

Marshall: Thoth was one of my favorite research subjects. One day as I was surfing I found your wonderful website.

THoTH: Wish you all the best for your book, and your search for the truth, have you a final message for the members at The Book of THoTH?

Marshall: "Life has many chapters, Learn all of your life."


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