July Marks Black Cat Adoption Month

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Sun Jul 01 2007

As humans celebrate our country's independence this week, the month of July also marks Black Cat Adoption Month which Cat Galaxy, the internet radio and TV station for cats started last year as a way to promote these special felines which often get overlooked at local animal shelters.

"Black cats are indeed wonderful and we thought by naming July, Black Cat Adoption Month that more humans will consider adopting these special cats. Often times they get passed over for adoption because some people think there isn't anything special about them or because of silly superstitions. I myself am the human servant to a black cat and she's terrific. I absolutely love her and she's a great part of my life," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy, referring to his cat Isis who is also the Station Manager and was also once adopted from a local area shelter.

As a part of Black Cat Adoption Month, the radio station for cats will also be hosting 4 shows every Tuesday afternoon during the month, called the Black Cat Club and inviting various animal rescue groups to appear on the show to talk about all the wonderful black cats they have for adoption. The station will also be featuring black cats available from local rescues that are seeking new homes, on its web site every week as well.

The station is also encouraging other media members to take part in Black Cat Adoption Month by featuring at least one of these cats on their newscasts or shows to encourage adoptions at their local animal shelter.

"Right now animal rescue groups are dealing with a very heavy kitten season and if we can get the media to take part in an event like this, it might encourage more people to adopt a cat needing a good and loving home. Black cats especially have a harder time getting adopted, so you can expect our station to be actively involved in promoting them during the month of July," Rosen added.

For more about Black Cat Adoption Month check out Cat Galaxy's web site at www.catgalaxymedia.com.
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