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From: Global Databases Limited
Published: Wed Sep 21 2005

Global Databases Limited, a software developer for the translation industry, has just released ManualMaker, a unique online service that challenges established translation memory solutions in speed, price and ease of use.

ManualMaker is a free utility running inside the DTP environment, and it completely eliminates traditional text databases and associated problems. Instead, when producing new documents it compares up-to-date files in different languages and reuses previous translated text at a rapid pace.

A spokesperson for the company, Lorenzo Cordini, says "ManualMaker reduces the amount of text required to be translated and allows DTP operators to handle text reuse themselves. Therefore, clients and all their translators need not invest in and learn expensive translation memory products nor hire special staff to maintain text databases."

ManualMaker works with any type of document being produced in a second language. It instantly compares a new original against existing language files and automatically cuts and pastes identical text to a copy of the original DTP file entirely inside the DTP environment. At the same time, it creates a clean Word file, with all the text that must be newly translated. Once translated, it merges the newly translated text into the DTP file it created, which is then final and has a layout that is identical with the source document.

Also noteworthy is that ManualMaker is a free utility that works as a DTP plug-in inside FrameMaker, QuarkXPress and InDesign on both the PC and Macintosh platforms. This makes processing very fast, while document layout is perfectly maintained, exactly like the original. The company states that a 100-page document, with 20,000 words, can be processed in less than one minute.

ManualMaker is offered as a service and for a limited time free of charge. The free trial version can be downloaded from
Company: Global Databases Limited
Contact Name: Lorenzo Cordini
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